November 25th: Lindt Magical Milk

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Unbelievably it is already just one month until Christmas and the festive themed reviews are coming thick and fast. Last year thanks to my pals at Dean-German-Grocery I tried several Lindt Christmas products and this year they seemed to have come up with a few new bits and pieces. I have been demanding that Lindt produce more smaller convenience sized products for awhile now as the two I tried previously (Nociolatte & Wafer bars HERE) were pretty disappointing compared to usual Lindt quality. As you can imagine when I saw this 'Magical Milk' bar sitting with the rest of the Christmas products in Tesco I was hopeful for a lot better from a product that came billed as 'milk chocolate with a creamy milk filling'.

Weighing 40.0g this was an unusual looking bar in that it was about 15cm long but really very thin in terms of thickness. The outer packaging looked fantastic and the simple addition of a few sparkly silver stars brought the blue background colour to life and gave it a nice festive glow. Inside the bar itself was split into very streamlined blocks which looked very appetising with each sporting a Lindt brand logo and a nice serving of white, fluffy looking cream filling. Thanks to the foil fresh seal of the wrapper the chocolate maintained a lovely dairy cream smell that was evident when the bar was smelt up close. Presentation is often the one thing that Lindt can never be pulled up on and they certainly did themselves justice here.

The milk chocolate used here wasn't one of Lindt's primary recipes though there was no denying the quality of the taste. The outer milk chocolate was more forthcoming in its cocoa flavours than I was expecting and substantiated a good degree of chocolatyness as soon as the chocolate entered the mouth. As the thick, smooth melt of the chocolate progressed the taste took a turn for the sweeter as the milk flavours really started to come to the party. The transition from the outer chocolate to the inner cream filling was as seamless as it could of been and the texture of the inner filling was noticeably even smoother and just a touch lighter. The taste of the filling wasn't the most spectacular thing I have ever tasted but it further compounded the milk flavours of the milk chocolate and brought a double cream like flavour influence that made for a wonderfully smooth, slowing taste. With the taste being so smooth I didn't need any encouragement to devour the whole bar in one sitting which made for a satisfying amount.

Overall Lindt have finally managed to take the quality of one of their bigger 100.0g products and translate it into a smaller product that cane be consumed out of the home. The milk chocolate prehaps wasn't quite up to scratch with their Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy milk chocolate recipe but that said it was still very good and delivered the all important chocolate flavour hit. The thing that still pleasantly surprises me when I taste these type of bars from Lindt is the smoothness in which their chocolate melts in the mouth and I have to say the sensuous feel of the melt was simply wonderful here yet again. The creamy filling may not have been the most distinctive filling ever but it added a fantastic cream element to the overall taste which I am sure would be a hit amongst most consumers. I personally hope Lindt don't discontinue this bar straight after Christmas - I think it is worthy of a permanent place on our confectionery shelves.

8.4 out of 10