November 26th: Milka Knister

Kcal 535 Fat 30.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 60.0g (per 100.0g)

We aren't a day into December yet but the Christmas reviews are coming thick and fast here on ChocolateMission. With so many manufactures here in the UK piling on the Christmas bandwagon and releasing many limited edition offerings I was given the opportunity by ChocolateMission reader Susie to add a German manufactured product into this years festive
mix. Milka is one of my favourite German brands so I excited to see that Susie had been so kind to include a bag of these Knister chocolates in the box of goodies she sent me. These Knister chocolates came billed as 'Alpine milk chocolate with a milky cream filling with Brausegranulat' .... indeed I hear you all saying Brausegranulat??!? What on earth is that!? I decided to find out for myself by getting stuck in.

The bag Susie sent across weighed 75.0g and included around 10 or 12 small spherical pieces. Looking at the packaging I can't say I was all that endeared by the practicality of the bag as it was about twice the size it needed to be. That said I have to admit that I liked the festive snowman on the front and it immediately radiated a fun festive feel to the product. Inside each of the ball pieces were wrapped in layer of thin foil which maintained the typical dairy smells of the Milka chocolate nicely. Half way through the packet I found that by splitting the pieces in two, one half was nearly all solid milk chocolate, whilst the other contained the milk cream filling. Being the saddo I thought this added a bit of fun when eating them.

Saving the revelation of our mystery Brausegranulat ingredient to very last I will first describe the taste of the Milka chocolate and inner milk centre. Just as I expected the outer chocolate was damn delicious and I enjoyed the creamy chocolaty undertones that were hinted with the ever so important note of hazelnut giving it that very familiar Milka taste. Inside the milk flavours of the chocolates were further reaffirmed by the smooth, silky flavours of the milk-cream centre which at first brought a delightful cooling sensation on the tongue. I say at first as the milk centre also played host to the mysterious Brausegranulat, which once encountered unfortunately made things take a turn for the worse. If you haven't guessed already the Brausegranulat was in fact popping candy - one of my least favourite things that can be added to chocolate. The popping candy brought upon that awful crackly feeling at the back of my throat which somewhat hampered my enjoyment of the product and didn't have me digging back into the pack as I probably would of done had it not been present.

Overall this was a product spoilt for me by the presence of the Brausegranulat - a word that will be forever imprinted in my mind. Having had Milka products with the ingredient in before I probably should have been a bit more clued up on the fact it was going to be my arch nemesis popping candy but being the oblivious fool I was unaware up until I actually tasted my first piece. Given the quality of the taste it is probably a fair representation to say that my mood went from :D .... to .... :( .... as soon as the horrible popping sensation could be felt at the back of my mouth. I guess the fact is that I just don't like the stuff in my chocolate - I just really don't see the need for it! If you are a fan or the stuff or similarly not particularly bothered by it then I would suggest that these Knister chocolates are well worth a look at if you like your Milka chocolate. These aren't a Milka product I would ever have again but fortunately for me there are a million other options in their extensive portfolio.

7.1 out of 10