November 27th: Maryland White Choc Chip Mini Cookies

Kcal 514 Fat 26.4g Fat(sats) 13.5g Carbs 62.3g (per 100.0g)

With only 25 days left until Christmas there was only ever going to be one way to kick off the month of December and that of course was with a festive themed chocolate review. The Christmas products have been on the shelves of the retailers for almost 3 months now and an ever present since the first few started appearing were these Maryland White Choc Chip Mini Cookies. The attentive among you may recall that I gave the original milk chocolate Maryland Mini Cookies a review in their pouch form last month. As you can probably tell from the product name the only difference between them and these were that these mini cookies contained white chocolate chips.

For the relatively small price of £1.29 these mini cookies came in a 150.0g box that contained a single plastic bag with the cookies inside. To be honest this was a little problematic as the inner plastic packet was not resealable which meant the cookies had gone soft after just a few days despite being kept in a tin box. I think it would have been far more suitable for the inner contents to have been split into two plastic packets as I am sure this would have kept the the cookies far fresher. Aesthetically I thought the product was a lot better and liked the fact that .... oh dear ... looking at the box now I have only just noticed the 'Merryland' branding ... right that isn't the cleverest thing ever :) Regardless I could at least appreciate the effort they went to making the outer packaging looking a little different and festive. Despite my reservations at the cookies being kept within a plastic packet things seemed a lot more promising when I was met with some wonderful fresh biscuit smells as I opened it.

One thing I did forget to mention looking at the product was that the white chocolate chip pieces appeared very dark in the cookies themselves and I had to double check I hadn't wrongly been given a pack of original milk chocolate ones. Fears of this were soon put to rest when I ate my first cookie and could detect a white chocolate influence. Just like the originals the chocolate didn't particularly come through that strongly during any point of the taste but at times there were noticeable outbreaks of sweet, dried milk like flavours breaking out through the constant flavours of the cookies. The cookies themselves were quite mild in taste with minor notes of wheat and butter intermittently broken up with waves of brown sugar which pepped things up every now and then. With the taste not being all that strong I didn't find a handful of these all that fulfilling and wouldn't recommend them as a hunger satisfying snack.

Overall I am afraid December has got off to a bit of a limp start here as these cookies just didn't do the business for me. After my experience with the original Maryland Cookies I probably should have been able to foresee that these would ultimately be a bit of a letdown but what with the festive theme decorating the outer packaging I couldn't really resist. Just like the originals the cookies bases were disappointing and put in the context of other cookie/biscuit products were just pretty bland to put it bluntly. Unfortunately for these cookies the white chocolate chips were equally as average and contributed quite little to the overall taste aside from an extra sweet milky flavour influence. If Maryland Cookies are one of those products that you absolutely adore and have grown up eating then these maybe of interest to you since they offer a slight twist on the originals. Personally though I just frankly wouldn't bother - they aren't the worse cookie product ever but trust me there are better options out there ... some which may just be reviewed on this site in the next few days ;)

6.6 out of 10