November 2nd: Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk Caramel Chocolate / Petits Desserts Creme Brulee

The Lindt Petits Desserts Creme Brulee has been a bar I have been meaning to review for well over a year now so I am sure a number of you will be pleased to see it finally get its long over due review. To make the review all the more interesting I thought I would make it a showdown, comparing it with one of Lindt's newest products, the Swiss Classic Double Milk Caramel Chocolate. In the effort to keep this review reasonably concise I will give my conclusion of both bars at the very end of the post.

The on pack propositions were very similar but I will go into more detail of them later. I bought both these chocolates in Waitrose (oooh fancy) with the Swiss Classic costing £1.19 and the Creme Brulee £1.99. Looking at the packaging I think you will agree there is one clear winner between the two. Having said that I thought both looked far better than the average market offering.

Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk Caramel Chocolate:

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

This bar was described as 'Swiss milk chocolate with a milky filling and crunchy caramel pieces' and came in a 125.0g size. Unwrapping the foil layer the blocks looked very sleek and I was pleased to see some golden pieces lining the inner beige coloured creme filling.

Formed of 30% cocoa solids the milk chocolate was forthcoming from the outset and established some fine cream rooted chocolate flavours in the mouth. As the chocolate melted the inner creme filling was revealed little by little and it had a noticeably drier texture than the outer chocolate. The inner filling was sweet tasting and further went to reaffirm the milky flavours of the chocolate with a wonderful note of vanilla ever present. The caramel pieces were a not quite as impactful on the taste as I was hoping as they added only minor hints of toffee when bitten into. Although a slight let down in this instance the caramel brought a lovely crunchy element to the texture that was best enjoyed once the chocolate and inner creme filling had melted away.

8.2 out of 10

Lindt Petits Desserts Creme Brulee:

Kcal 570 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g)

Described as 'milk chocolate with a delicate creme brulee filling' I have no idea why I have resisted trying this bar for so long - it sounds wonderful don't you think? A product of the Lindt Factory in France this bar came in a 150.0g tablet which was split into ten big sized blocks. To be honest I preferred the size of the blocks from the Swiss Classic, though the chocolate was undeniably sharper looking with the both the outer surface and inner filling glistening giving a real sense of freshness.

Looking at the pictures above you will be able to see that chocolate on this bar was slighlty thicker though this had no effect on the taste of the chocolate whatsoever which was unsurprising given exactly the same recipe was used. The difference and reason for my overall preference of this bar over the Swiss Classic came as result of the sheer quality of the creme brulee filling - it was simply magical. The inner creme was every bit as smooth as the Swiss Classic but had extra dimensions in its flavours with notes of custard, vanilla and butterscotch adding wonderfully to the overarching creaminess. Dispersed throughout the filling there were small pieces of wafer and caramelised sugar which added delightful crunchy elements to the texture. The latter especially brought a hint of burnt sugar to the taste which really brought to life the creme brulee flavour theme fantastically.

9.0 out of 10

Overall I could clearly pick my favourite between these two bars but at the same time I think it is worth recognising how brilliant both were. For me I felt the Petits Desserts went just that bit further with its flavours and I was surprised to the degree at which the Creme Brulee flavour was delivered on. There is no doubt that this was largely down to the presence of the caramelised sugar pieces as they brought the crunchy creme brulee topping to the party with great effect. The Swiss Classic wasn't perhaps as complex in terms of taste in comparison to the Creme Brulee but it certainly had wonderful appeal with it's cream based taste. If I was to recommend one of these bars to you it would have to be the Petits Desserts, however I would have no qualms recommending the Swiss Classic Caramel Chocolate as a very close second if you are watching the pennies.