November 4th: Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Brownies

Kcal 80 Fat 4.1 Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 9.8g (per brownie)

I hope you all aren't getting bored of these mini cake themed reviews because I have another lined up for you today. As reported in my '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' roundup post a few weeks ago Cadbury have recently released some products that sit within the cake aisles of our supermarket and I brought you my review of the Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Flapjacks just last week. Well the other variant in this new Mini Bakes range are these Cadbury Chocolate Brownies, which came described as 'chocolate brownies sprinkled with milk chocolate chunks'. Brownies are not my normal choice of bakery item, though I do remember being rather partial to M&S's one which I reviewed HERE.

The box did not display an offical weight though inside it contained 8 separate brownie pieces. Much like with the Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Flapjacks I liked the presentation of the product on the whole and thought the integration of the usual Cadbury Purple themed was well entwined with the Mini Bakes branding and brownie on-pack photos. The brownies themselves looked worryingly the same small size of the flapjack pieces which I ultimately thought were too small. More positively these brownies were also included in separate plastic packets and both looked smelt very tempting indeed with some visible chocolate chunks and fresh smelling chocolate aromas that hit my senses as soon as the wrappers were broken.

I am not going to launch into another rant about how the chocolate used in these brownies wasn't Dairy Milk as I have to admit these certainly weren't lacking in the chocolate flavour department. The base of the brownies were excellent with some fresh, buttery sweet dough flavours wonderfully built upon by a delicate touch of salt in the aftertaste. Throughout the taste had strong undertones of milk and cocoa and the chocolate flavours were only further enhanced by a generous helping of chocolate chunks which delivered fine chocolate flavours bursts leaving a lasting Cadbury chocolate impression in the mouth with every bite. Despite these brownies being on the small side the dense, viscous nature of them made them seem a far more fulfilling option in comparison to the same sized Cadbury Mini Bakes Chocolate Flapjacks and they provided a satisfying snack for my mid afternoon coffee.

Overall I think Cadbury have done a good job with these Chocolate Brownies and although I think they could be slightly improved in some areas I was pretty happy with what I got here. One immediate improvement they could have made was that they could of used Dairy Milk chocolate instead of their secondary recipe, though as I have alluded to already this wasn't so much of an issue as it has been with other Cadbury products I have been trying recently. The chocolate flavour hit was still very here with both the brownie base and chocolate chunks combining to provide a surprisingly strong chocolate hit in such a small dose. With fewer calories and fat I was also surprised in that I felt just one brownie felt like a reasonably sized snack and unlike with the chocolate flapjacks I didn't feel the need to reach for another straightaway after finishing my first. If your a fan of both Cadbury chocolate and brownies then these are a bit of a no brainer - get involved sooner rather than later.

8.3 out of 10