December 10th: Oreo White Chocolate Covered

Kcal 114 Fat 5.7g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 14.0g (per cookie)

Ever since these rocked up in the shops way back in September the reviews requests have been flooding in (reaching double figures by October!). Long time readers will be well aware that I am pretty partial to the odd Oreo cookie with my all time favourites being the incredible Oreo Double Stuff Mint variant (See HERE). Given my fondest for most things Oreo I was pretty happy to see that Kraft had been kind enough to treat us to a limited edition White Chocolate Covered variant which you should be able to find in most supermarkets here in the UK (try Sainsburys or Mozzas!). The 'white chocolate coated chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a vanilla flavour filling' sounded delightful and truth be told this wasn't my first experience with them.

£2 of my hard earned money bought me a pack of 16 cookies which were separated in to foil packets containing two in each. The outer packaging I thought looked really nice and it definitely had a wow factor that caught my eye when the box was sitting on the supermarket shelf with all the other Christmas products. Inside the branded foil packets maintained each of the cookies in immaculate condition and I think you have to agree that they looked superb when cross-sectioned with the cream coloured outer chocolate appearing thick and well portioned. In regards to smell these cookies didn't really come to life until they were bitten into but at this point the usual chocolate biscuit Oreo scents were highlighted by an enhancing dairy like aroma.

As I said in my opening paragraph this wasn't actually my first experience with white chocolate covered in Oreos. As random as this sounds I remember having them many a time before when I was younger on holiday in Spain where I think they formed part of the on going Oreo range out there. Suffice to say when I was eating these I was felt an immediate sense of familiarity and I am pleased to say it was one of a good kind. Now in terms of quality white chocolate (if there is such a thing!) the standard here wasn't exactly amazing and this probably wasn't a white chocolate you would want to consume on mass or solus from anything else. As negative as this sounds it actually worked really quite well as coating for the biscuit that lay underneath with even even its slightly waxy texture being quite advantageous. With it's slow melt the outer chocolate made each bite last longer in the mouth and immediately established a milky, vanilla noted taste that complimented the chocolate biscuit and sweet oreo filling wonderfully. The progression of the taste from the sweet outer coating, to the salt hinted wheat biscuit, back to the sugary sweet filling was a thrilling ride and creamy chocolaty flavours made for a moreish yet satisfying experience. For me I felt that a packet of two cookies was a really fulfilling snack and I especially enjoyed dipping them into a mid-afternoon coffee.

Overall for the past two months these have been my biscuits of choice at work which should give you some sort of idea how much I think of them. I don't think they surpass my all time favourite Mint Double Stuff Oreo's in terms of taste but they have managed to marginally outscore them on the rating system as they offered a little more variety in terms texture and were presented the better out of the two. As alluded to above the quality of the white chocolate wasn't exactly what I would describe as outstanding but the coating complimented the Oreo biscuit below almost perfectly substantiating a roller coaster taste that swung from creamy sweet to salty chocolate biscuit which provided a fantastic variety of flavours. In comparison to the Double Stuff Mint these didn't have the same 'just one more' addictive taste but as an all round product they pip them to the post for me. I really hope these don't get taken out of distribution after Christmas as I think they deserve a place amongst the permanent UK range! I think I am going to stock up just in case!

8.6 out of 10