December 12th: Milka Tender Milk / Tiramisu

Before I crack on with this review I must first say a big thank you to ChocolateMission reader Susie who was recently kind enough to send me a whole load of goodies all the way from Germany ... she really is further evidence that ChocolateMission readers are the best readers in the world :)

First up from my box of treats from Susie I decided to re-open my investigation into finding the best chocolate cake bar and tried two variants from Milka's Tender range. The Milka Tender range is very similar in proposition to the Cadbury Mini Rolls that we have here in the UK (Review HERE) with core constituents being sponge cake with a creme filling, covered in milk chocolate. Of course like most chocolate products in Germany this is a range that is available in several different flavours - two of which I tried today.

Before I get into how either tasted it is of course worth passing comment on the finer details of each. Both flavours I tried today came in 37.0g packs that I consumed in single sittings. Aesthetically I thought they both looked aweomse and the foil wrappers maintaintined the inner mini rolls in immacualte condition despite the extensive travel. Out of the two I wouldn't say one looked better than the other, though the coffee hinted smells of the Tiramisu smelt the more appetising.

Milka Tender Milk:

Kcal 157 Fat 7.3g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 21.0g

One thing I can say about both of these products was that the chocolate was tasty but woefully portioned. If you look at my expert photography above *ahem* you will see that the chocolate was very thinly spread across the cake which you wont be surprised to hear wasn't advantageous in any manner. Like most Milka milk chocolate products the sweet, creamy Alpine Milk flavours were soon established though the vanilla hinted cake soon took over the majority of the taste.

My main source of criticism of the Cadbury Mini Roll is that the creme filling is pretty poor but this is not an accusation that can be leveraged at the Milka Tender Milk. Conversely the filling was more milk based in its flavours than it was sugar. This meant it provided a refreshing dairy based taste whilst also providing the quite dry cake with a pleasant bit of moisture.

7.5 out of 10

Milka Tender a la Tiramisu:

Kcal 157 Fat 7.4g Fat(sats) 4.1g Carbs 21.0g

Being the coffee nut I am this was of course the one I was really looking forward to and it thankfully didn't disappoint. Again if you quickly take a glance at my snaps above you will see that this bar also was criminally portioned in the chocolate department ... come on Milka we know you can do better than that!

Out of both variants I was surprised to find that the Tiramisu creme filling was actually a little more plentiful than the milk creme which was all good considering how tasty it was. Just like the variant above the outer chocolate and cake elements were of a good standard though it was again all about the filling. Just as the smell suggested the filling was creamy but had a strong hint of coffee with a slightly cheesy aftertaste. Believe me this was nicer than it sounds ...think cheesecake not Stilton :) It perhaps was more of a cappuccino flavour rather than a tiramisu one but hey it tasted good and I guess that is all that counts.

8.1 out of 10

Overall these were two cake bars that I really enjoyed and had it not been for the scantily portioned chocolate I could have seen them scoring even higher than they have done. In comparison to a lot of the UK cake bars I have reviewed over the past few months these were unique in the fact the creme fillings were absolutely spot on and Tiramisu especially stuck out as a really well executed flavoured creme. Thanks to Susie I have a few more flavours to try from the Milka Tender range so expect those reviews to come very soon. For the time being though if you come across either of these I would certainly suggest they are worth a try.