December 13th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 27


Hi All,

I want to take the opportunity today to take you all through the plan running through to the end of the year! A few weeks ago I asked if there was any interest running an end of year ChocolateMission awards! Given the feedback I have indeed decided to run the awards over the following days and categories ...

December 19th - Best selection box product of 2009
December 20th - Biggest surprise of 2009
December 21st - Worst product of 2009
December 22nd - Readers Choice 2009
December 23rd - Best New Product of 2009
December 24th - Best overall product of 2009

The award on December 22nd is where you guys come in! If you send me your top 3 favourite products that I have reviewed in 2009 I will immediately enter you in to a competition for a Hotel Chocolat Cookies & Caramel Wreath - the winner will also be announced on the post that day.

Please send your votes to Jim{@} (take out the funny looking brackets!) with your postal address.

Please remember that all products in this years awards have to have been reviewed in 2009.



### FAO of potential advertising partners ###

This week I received an e-mail from the company that runs my affiliate banners that they had received a complaint from a certain chocolate manufacture that I wasn't being complimentary enough about their products. Basically this e-mailed asked that I change the slant of my reviews to reflect this company more favourably ... thus driving traffic through to their own site.

Just for everyone's clarity THIS IS SOMETHING I WILL NOT DO. Products on this website get the reviews they deserve ... if you want a good review - make a decent product SIMPLE!!

### Post from other Blogs I enjoyed this week ###

Just before I launch into the other blogs if anyone picked up any news from the ChocolateMarket please share!!

* Impulsive Buy - Marvo posted his tenth video review podcast by taking a look at the new Ben & Jerrie's flavours, as well as some Special K products! Hilarious as usual ... SEE HERE

* ChocaBlog - Dom posted a nice review of the Cadbury Clusters ... which he liked more than the Cadbury Peanuts ...same here chap!! ... SEE HERE

* GiGiReviews - Gi had written an almost perfect review on the Cadbury Yule Logs until she inserted a picture of that muppet David Tennant! Tut tut ;) ... SEE HERE

* JapaneseSnackReviews - These guys managed to track down an EXCLUSIVE, Limited Edition Kit Kat from Okashi no Machioka ... nope I have no idea what that is either! Still though the mini dark chocolate Kit Kats look cool though ... SEE HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Cin thought a little more of the Thornton's Creme Brulee bar than I did ... SEE HERE