December 20th: CHOCOLATEMISSION AWARDS 2009 - Part 2


This weeks second round of awards are for the products that I thought were the best at surpassing all expectations.

*Drumroll* ...... and in 3rd place we have ....

Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean:

Thorntons managed to serve up a varying range of products in terms of quality this year but one of the surprisingly good ones was this Tonka Bean flavoured milk chocolates. I found that this chocolate was well worthy of it's silver award from the Academy of Chocolate and I loved the creamy smooth taste that was noted with hints of honey and vanilla. See the review ... HERE

*Drumroll* ...... and in 2nd place we have ....

Milka Loffel Ei Egg

This was a product I reviewed as part of the 2009 Easter offering from Dean-German-Grocery and it really surpassed all expectations. This product offered something completely different to the usual Cadbury Creme Egg, etc and combined an outer shell of Milka milk chocolate with a thick milk creme centre. At first I thought it looked a little gimmicky but that before I had both the fun and delicious experience of eating one. I really hope they are around next Easter! See the review ... HERE.

*Drumroll* ...... and in 1st place we have ....




Cinnabon Cinnamon Cream Pecan Cluster:

This without doubt was the surprise of the year for me and it was sent to me by my friends at Candy Pirate last May. As far as I was aware Cinnabon were most known for their Cinnamon roll pastries in America, and it was unbeknown to me that they made such a delicious confectionery product. Coated in white chocolate this product had everything from a warming cinnamon spice caramel, pecan nuts and small toffee piece ... it was quite frankly delicious! Unfortunately CandyPirate haven't had stock in for quite sometime but I hope in the not too distant future I can get hold of one these again! Congratulations Cinnabon! See the review ... HERE

Coming Tomorrow: Worst Product of the Year 2009