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What do you all this is worse? A product that you think is going to be great but turns out to be rubbish or a product that is simply just pants? To be honest I think they are as bad as each other, hence my reasoning for combining both awards. Personally I don't think the following are worthy of much more of attention so lets make this a quick one ...

*drumroll* ... and in 3rd place we have ...

Kit Kat Chunky Caramel (UK)

After reviewing the Australian version of this bar to great success (9.2 out of 10 - See HERE) you can imagine I was damn excited to see when it was announced here in the UK trade that this bar would be coming to our market. Without doubt this was disappointment of the year - was it inedible? Don't be silly ... nowhere near! Was it Caramel? ... NO - it has a dodgy layer of sugary paste! Was it half as good as the Aussie version? ... Not even close :( Boo!! This isn't even mentioning the fact that it pushed the Peanut Butter variant out of the range! Dismal scenes! See the review ... HERE

*drumroll* and in 2nd place we have .....

Hannah's White Mice:
'Awesome I remember having these in my pick-a-mix as a little nipper' ... was my first line of thought when I saw these. I wish I had just left it like that as these did not bring the nostalgic memories like I hoped. Some may love them for their comforting taste of their childhood but if you look beyond that you will see them for what they are ... sugary lumps of disgusting vegetable fat! Never again! See the review ... HERE

and the winner ...

Taking 1st place ....




Otsuka Calorie Mate Chocolate Block:

Of course it has to be Otsuka's Calorie Mate Chocolate Block - which beyond a shadow of a doubt was THE WORST product I reviewed in 2009. Sitting in the most uninspiring packaging ever, this dried lumps of disgusting tasting biscuits were frankly horrible in every sense. Devoid of flavour, charm and a point of actually existing, I for one will never be eating one of these again. According to the packaging the concept of the product is for people 'who need an easy source of energy and nutrition' ... seriously if you have no time to even eat I think you need to have a check on your work-life balance. Avoid like the plague!!! See the review ... HERE

COMING TOMORROW: Best New Product of 2009

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