These awards are for the top 3 bits of NPD (new product development) we have seen in 2009. As with the rest of these awards I am not handing these placings out based on their final overall score but more the total consensus that I think the public has come to about them. This includes how widely available they are, price and discounts limited editions.

*drumroll* ... and in 3rd place ... we have

Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean:

Making it's 2nd appearance in the awards this year we have the Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean bar. This was one of the tastiest milk chocolates that I had all year is one that I have bought for many a friend as a gift. Introduced midway through the year as part of Thorntons square bar range this stood out as a really flavoursome offering with its extra creamy tastes noted with hints of vanilla and honey. Well worth a try ... See the Review .. HERE.

*drumroll* ... and in 2nd place ... we have


Ritter Sport Karamell Nuss:

Ritter Sport are known for their copious amount of flavours but this was one I really loved. Formed of milk chocolate with a caramel creme centre with hazelnut and rice crispie pieces this was outstanding in every sense. As with every Ritter bar the centre took centre stage and it utterly delicious with its buttery, nutty taste. This maybe not be readily available for all us Brits but those of you living in main land Europe should really have tried this by now... See the Review ... HERE.

*drumroll* and in 1st place ... for BEST NEW PRODUCT OF 2009 ...

We have ...



Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles:

Taking the title of best new product of 2009 we have the insanely moreish Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Nibbles. In terms of concept these were not ground breaking but were in fact ridiculously simple. These Caramel Nibbles if you haven't come across them simply include the minor addition of a dose of Cadbury Caramel to the usual Dairy Milk Buttons. This may simple but the result is marvellous and they have to be one of the most moreish products I have ever eaten. At the time I rated them slightly lower than the comparable Galaxy Caramel Pieces, though the latter seem to only be a seasonal addition to the Galaxy range. In comparison everyone I know seems to have tried these Caramel Nibbles at some point, with pretty much everyone having nothing but great things to say about them. For that reason this product wins the award for BEST NEW PRODUCT OF 2009 ... See the Review ... HERE.

Coming Tomorrow: Readers Choice Award 2009