First things first lets get the all important prize out the way. Votes have been cast, counted and verified and I can announce the winner of the Hotel Chocolat Cookies & Caramel Christmas Wreath is ... Rebecca Mortimer. Congratulations Rebecca I will get the Wreath sent on to you on the 27th - I hope you enjoy it!

Hard luck to those of you who didn't win but hey at least your votes mean something! Here are the top three reviews you all voted for this year.

*drumroll* and in 3rd position we have ...

Cadbury Wispa Gold:

The Cadbury Wispa Gold came back to UK shelves in September and was warmly greeted upon its return. This was one of the most talked about reviews of the year and there hasn't been a single comment upon the lines of 'I was disappointed' with what I tasted. Seemingly this provided many people with some fantastic nostalgic feelings. Garnering over 15 votes this just pipped the Cadbury Caramel Nibbles to third place. See the Review ... HERE

*drumroll* and in 2nd position we have ...


Paul.A.Young's Salted Caramel Chocolates:

This came as a bit as surprise to me as I thought these would be a little too niche for the average voter - obviously not as this review picked up the second highest amount of votes (maybe the Paul Young PR office had something to say in this haha!). This was a product I reviewed back in July and awarded an 8.5 out of 10 rating. Personally I would make the chocolate shells a little thicker but I can't deny that the inner caramel fillings aren't sublime. If you know of a friend or loved one that likes caramels I would suggest giving these as a gift in 2010 ... See the Review ... HERE.

*drumroll* and in 1st place ... picking up READERS CHOICE OF THE YEAR 2009 ...

we have ...

as voted by you :) ..


Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster White & Light Selection

As much as a surprise as Paul.A.Young's was I was really overwhelmed by the amount of votes that this Hotel Chocolat White & Light piled up over the week that the competition was open. It wasn't always peoples first choice but it featured heavily in the make up of many peoples top three reviews and amassed a winning 22 votes. Personally I preferred the dark chocolate sleekster box but if white chocolate is more your thing then pieces like the Eton Mess, Gianduja, Nut Crest and Fudge Praline are sure to satisfy. A well worthy winner in my opinion! Thanks for all the votes. See the Review ... HERE.

Coming Tomorrow: Best Misc Product of 2009 (NEW!!)