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What is a misc product? Well in ChocolateMission terms it means a product containing some sort of chocolate or cocoa flavouring which isn't a by the book chocolate bar /selection box product! Confused!? Well think of it this way ... cakes, cookies, biscuits, brownies etc they all fall into this category. My favourite three products of the year are as follows ...

*drumroll* ... and in 3rd position we have ...

Marks & Spencer Belgian Chocolate Chunk Brownie:

I reviewed this way in January 2009 and I have had many more since writing that review. I would say when heated that this is almost the perfect brownie and would satisfy even the most ravenous of people. It delivers a sinfully rich chocolaty taste with an almost perfect moist, dense texture. If you are a fan of brownies I really suggest you give one of these a try - 55.0g of brownie deliciousness. See the Review ... HERE.

*drumroll* ... and in 2nd place we have ....

Oreo Double Stuff Cool Mint Creme:

Although these Oreos Cool Mint Creme didn't quite get Misc product of the year they are without doubt my favourite cookies of the year. Indeed they did get stiff competition from the white chocolate covered limited edition Oreos we got in the UK this Christmas but for me I have to pick these mint flavoured. When I reviewed these way back in May I found them to be as addictive as anything I have eaten this year and they had the 'just one more' appeal in abundance. If you like Oreos and then I would strongly suggest you hunt down a pack of these - See the Review ... HERE.

*drumroll* and in 1st place ... we have ...




Thorntons Mini Caramel Shortcakes:

Thorntons bag their first award of the year and this one is throughly deserved. This review firstly came about as a request from one my readers but since writing the review in September I must have bought them at least another four times. Combining an indulgent shortcake biscuit base with a thick wedge of stodgy caramel and crispy milk chocolate I found these to be like heaven in a mouthful. Being my greedy self I would possibly make them a touch bigger but given their richness the mini format works remarkably well. I can't recommend these enough if you like your caramel shortcakes. Well done Thorntons! See the Review .. HERE

Coming tomorrow ... CHRISTMAS :D :D ... and then on boxing day ... CHOCOLATEMISSION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2009!
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