So here we are ... the BIG one!! What chocolate has won the award of ChocolateMission best overall product of 2009 as chosen by none only than ME :)

Having trawled through all the reviews from this year and considered things such as value for money, quality of innovation, availability, public perception etc etc ... I have finally come down to my top three *ahem* four for this year.

*drumroll* and in 3rd place we have ...

Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Tonka Bean:

This bar has featured heavily all week and I think it deserves its place in the top three. As you will have bar witnessed to throughout the year Thorntons have served up both the sublime and the terrible but this Tonka Bean bar is a real shining star in their very unreliable square bar range. Combining the usual cream based flavours of their milk chocolate with added influences of honey, milk and vanilla I would recommend this as a chocolate that undoubtedly has wide appeal. Congratulation to Thorntons on their 3rd place ... See the Review ... HERE.

*drumroll* and in 2nd place ... we have ...


a tie ..

Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster White & Light / Seriosuly Dark Selection:

How can their be a tie? How can you rate one higher than the other and then say they are equally as good!? ... Because I can :) Indeed, I personally liked the dark chocolate Sleekster more but from the Readers Choice Award yesterday it was obvious that the White & Light had broader appeal with the public - which is something I just cannot ignore! In the most simplest terms both these selection boxes are superb! From choice and selection, presentation to overall quality of the chocolates these were both top class. Hotel Chocolat produced some amazing products this year that I loved reviewing but nothing gave me more pleasure than sharing these with my family. The only thing that excites me more than having one of these again is seeing what Hotel Chocolat come up with in 2010. See the Review(s) ... HERE & HERE.

*drumroll* and the winner ... in 1st place ...

... taking home the title of BEST OVERALL PRODUCT 2009 ...

... we have ...



Cadbury Wispa Gold:

As good as many of the chocolates I had this year were I just couldn't over look this as my favourite overall product. After the press release earlier in the year saying it was coming back to the UK market I feel everything about the relaunch was done superbly. There was a sense of anticipation, it had a new shiny wrapper, it wasn't ridiculously priced and mostly importantly it tasted exactly liked we remembered it ... evoking warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings all round. Looking back over the comments on the review and seeing it got third place on the Readers Choice Award all but confirms that its reappearance has gone down very well with the general public. If you are one of my readers from outside of the UK I would strongly suggest you try get hold of one of these - as far as our mass produced confectionery goes it is one of the best we have to offer. Congratulations Cadbury Wispa Gold ... See the Review ... HERE.

COMING DECEMBER 30th: Closing Comments on the Year!