December 29th: Cadbury Milk Tray - Part 1

I thought my review writing for 2009 was over but I have decided to treat you all to one last two part review on the box of chocolates that my family and I have been eating our way through over Christmas.

The Milk Tray is one of the Cadbury's oldest products (produced first in 1915!) and has gone through many changes in both packaging and selection in its lifetime. Nowadays the selection isn't fronted by some cheesy Milk Tray Man advertorials but rather comes in a nice looking 400.0g purple coloured box.

Inside two trays of twenty pieces consisted of ten different chocolate varieties (each of which was portioned four times of course!). Starting today I will give you our brief musings over the first six pieces, tomorrow I will bring the final four and the all important ChocolateMission scoring chart.

One thing that is worth noting is that the milk chocolate used for every piece was Cadbury's secondary recipe with 14% cocoa and milk solids. It is worth saying that I would have preffered the use of Dairy Milk but the slightly sweeter milky taste was still very familiar with its friendly and inviting nature.

Eastern Delight - Turkish delight covered in milk chocolate. The resident Turkish Delight connoisseur (my old man!) said this was very similar to the Fry's Turkish Delight which makes me think that it is probably the same thing! It was nice to have a thicker coating than you usually get with Turkish Delight chocolates. Good.

Hazelnut Heaven - Whole roasted hazelnut in milk chocolate. This was a good looking chocolate but it was disappointing to see that only one hazelnut piece was included in the centre. This meant that the nut flavours were very much dominated by the sweeter milk chocolate. It was nice enough but could have done with a few nuts instead of just the one. Standard.

Hazelnut Caress - Roasted hazelnut with caramel. This brought back some wonderful memories of Cadbury Caramel with Nuts and has 100% convinced me that the bar needs to be brought back into the range if only for a limited period. This piece was perfect for eating one and melted wonderfully on the tongue revealing first the soft, sweet caramel and then the crunchy nuty piece. This could only have been bettered with the use of Dairy Milk. Very Good.

Nut Secret - Hazelnut in milk truffle. The description of this piece somewhat bemused me but I was expecting a sort of praline type experience. Unfortunately neither myself or any of the rest of my family could detect much of a difference between the taste of the outer chocolate to the inner filling, which itself was not the most distinctive in texture with only a slightly smooth texture. Standard.

Fudge Dream - Vanilla flavour fudge in milk chocolate. Cadbury do fudge well ... end of! These four pieces were the first to miraculously disappear from the box and were easily the family favourite. The outer chocolate could perhaps of been a little thicker but the inner fudge was glorious with its slightly dry, crumbly texture that tasted delicious with its strong buttery taste. Very Good.

Strawberry Kiss - Strawberry filling with vanilla flavour fondant cream. According to my mother Milk Tray used to be all about the fruit fondant fillings so this chocolate had a nice nostaglic appeal. Unfortunately it was commented however that the taste wasn't particularly fruity and that the fondant lacked any sort of vanilla influence. The chocolate itself looked good but it obviously could have been done better. Standard.

Coming Tommorow: Cadbury Milk Tray - Part 2