December 30th: Cadbury Milk Tray - Part 2

Roll on Part 2!! If you missed the first hald of my Cadbury Milk Tray review yesterday take a look below and familiarise yourself with my families conclusions on the first six pieces from this selection box. Today I bring you the thoughts on the final four plus the all important rating chart and 'Overall' conclusion.

Honey Love - Honey-flavour caramel. This had one a cheesy name but boy was it good! This chocolate was shaped like honey hive and it held one of the sweetest caramels I have ever tasted. I am not sure I would want to eat a whole bar of the stuff but I enjoyed the floral noted sugary centre and would say it was one of my favourites from the selection. Very Good.

Orange Truffle - Chocolate truffle flavoured with tangy orange. Oh dear this one didn't go down well! The older generation in my family were both expecting an orange fondant filled chocolate and felt robbed by the very weak tasting fruit centre. Both commented that the orange was disappointingly lacklustre in the taste. Poor.

Caramel Charm - Luxurious chewy caramel. You know the square caramel piece in Cadbury Roses!? Well add three lines of white stuff and this is what we had here! This is no criticism of course ... the soft, chewy centre lasted a long time when sucked on in the mouth and butterscotch and toffee flavours were delicious if perhaps a little weak tasting. The variation of the hard centre to all the other soft ones was very welcome. Good.

Caramel Heart - soft caramel encased in milk chocolate. This was the fourth of the caramel pieces in the selection and it was exactly what you would expect from a Cadbury caramel chocolate. The caramel was wonderfully smooth and runny with its a sweet sugary, salt hinted taste and it complimented the milky chocolate nicely. Very Good.

Overall this was a selection box full of nice tasting chocolates but there is no escaping the fact that too many of them were too similar. It is pretty safe to say that if you are not a fan of caramel or hazelnut chocolates there is not much here to get excited about. Thankfully the majority of my family are fans of both these types of chocolates so pieces like the Hazelnut Caress, Honey Love, Caramel Heart and Caramel Charm went down really quite well along with the Fudge and Turkish Delight chocolates. Unfortunately there were also a number of disappointing chocolates in the lot with the fruit flavoured and truffles pieces especially standing out as being not up to standard. As I mentioned in Part 1 of this review yesterday one particular annoyance was that Cadbury don't use Dairy Milk for the Milk Tray which strikes me as an odd decision given the name. Looking at the RRP of £5.99 I think there are better options out there for the price I can only recommend these on the basis if you are a fan of Cadbury chocolate to the core.

7.0 out of 10

Coming Tomorrow: Closing comments for the year