December 31st: 2009 Closing Comments

Hi All,

To bring an end to 2009 I thought I would inform you all of the plans for 2010 on ChocolateMission.

* You may have noticed that over the past 24 hours I have made some minor fascia changes and have added a Menubar for the site. In 2010 I am aiming to make significant improvements to the navigation and design. Any suggestions you have are very welcome.

* Earlier in the year I informed you that in 2010 review posts would switch to Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a 'News' post on a Saturday. At present I currently have a two month back log of reviews ... so for the time being this reduced format will not come into effect until July.

* The 2009 ChocolateMission Awards went down well and I will definitely be running this same feature in 2010.

* In 2010 I am going to be looking to complete more reader requests - If you have a request please drop me a note on the Request page.

* ..... Most exciting!???? One of the biggest frustrations I have with this site is that a great deal of the products I review from America are not readily available to us all here in Europe. I am currently looking into starting a Jim's ChocolateMission shop that stock goods from the US whilst offering competitive shipping prices for lands farther afield! This development is only in it's very stages but I hope to have something set up by mid 2010. The idea isn't for this to be a money making scheme but more of an opportunity to broaden the options open to my readers.

* Stars & Their Bars #3 is incoming .... Yep I have been pestering yet more celebs :D

* A new 'upcoming reviews' widget will be added to one of the sidebars. This way you will all be more aware what is due up on the site.

I hope this all has you excited for the new year. Any suggestions for the site are of course very welcome!

Have a great New Years Eve - Cheers to a great 2009