December 4th: Thorntons Toffee Cakes

Kcal 177 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 5.2g Carbs 20.2g (per cake)

This review comes as a result of a long term request from ChocolateMission reader Phil who way back in September told me to get hold of some of these Thorntons Toffee Cakes. To be honest I needed very little encouragement as my previous experience with Thorntons' Chocolate Cakes was so overwhelmingly positive that they held the title of ChocolateMission's favourite cake bar ... that was until today! Described as 'layers of toffee sponge, toffee sauce, toffee buttercream covered in milk and white chocolate' these cakes sounded wonderfully indulgent - of course they had the nutritional content to match at nearly 180 calories a bar!

Despite the packaging displaying no catch weight the multi pack I bought consisted of 5 very large sized cakes and cost me just over the £1 in my local Waitrose. As with most Thornton's cake products the packaging looked pretty good and I liked the accurate display of the cakes illustrated on pack which gave a great indication of the inner product. Just as with the Chocolate Cakes these Toffee ones were wrapped in individual plastic wrappers which included transparent window so the inner contents were visible. Inside the cakes smelt fantastic and a sweet caramel like set of scents emerged as soon as I broke open the plastic packet seal. When I cut into the cake I was pleased to feel that the bar a nice resistance with the cake feeling quite dense as I pushed the blade through each of the layers.

From the very first bite it was little wonder why Phil had been recommending these cakes for so long as they were simply delicious. Unlike most chocolate cake bars the outer chocolate was thickly implemented and I particularly enjoyed the entertainment of playfully picking away at the coating and enjoying the cream based chocolaty flavours away from the other toffee dominated ingredients. Once I had finished massacring the outer chocolate I next moved onto devouring the rest of the cake, toffee sauce and buttercream layers. If you had had Lyle & Son's golden syrup sponge cakes before you will instantly understand how the cake tasted as it was very similar with it's seriously sweet, syrup led taste. Although the toffee sauce layer pretty much blended in with the other toffee and caramel flavours of the sponge and the buttercream its presence certainly wasn't without benefit and it wonderfully moistened the cake whilst providing a barrier between the cake and buttercream elements. Whilst the cake and outer chocolate layers were great, the toffee buttercream was utterly divine. It was insanely creamy with a caramel noted taste that was both moreish yet incredibly rich - one bar left me feeling more than satisfied having consumed it.

Overall I have had to rate these Toffee Cakes ever so slightly ahead of the Thorntons Chocolate Cakes as I think given the option to have either one of them again I would probably choose these Toffee ones. I am sure you will have noticed I have tried many a cake bar over the last few months from good to bad but these really stood out as something special and I enjoyed them from beginning to end. Every part of these cakes were fantastic - from the great standard outer chocolate to the utterly class toffee buttercream and cake layers. Could they be improved in any manner!? Nothing strikes me as particularly in need of changing but it would have been great to have seen what they would have been like with a slightly stronger chocolate recipe coating the particularly sweet tasting inner constituents. If your a fan of tea and cake ... (come on who isn't!?) I would seriously advise you to give them a try in the near future. If toffee is your thing I think you will really enjoy these.

8.6 out of 10