December 5th: Hershey's Bubble Yum Chocolate Flavour

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I have only ever done one gum review before here on ChocolateMission but a few months ago I received a request from a reader for me to try this chocolate flavoured Herhshey's Bubble Yum. As soon as I received the request I did look into getting hold of a pack but unfortunately my Internet search came up pretty dry with very few results. Luckily my pals at CandyPirate were on hand to solve my woes and they kindly sent me a few packs to chew my way through. At the time of sending these through Jon from CandyPirate did inform me that this product has now been discontinued by Hershey's ... your just going to have to trust me if you haven't tried these before.

Despite being a chewing gum addict I hadn't had bubble gum since my younger years so trying this Hershey's gum was a real blast from the past. Surprisingly a single pack (photo above) only contained five different pieces which I managed to get through in a single day. In regards to packaging I thought the product looked pretty cool. Looking at some of the rest of the Bubble Yum range the consistent colour seems to be fluorescent pink situated behind the branding, and I thought this was nicely combined with the brown shades and Hershey's branding to communicate the chocolate flavouring. Smell wise the gum not surprisingly didn't have much of an aroma, however there was a noticeable sweet smell that reminded me of Hershey's Twizzlers.

The likeness to the Hershey's Twizzlers didn't just stop at the smell as the taste was also very similar. Placing the gum in my mouth I was at first surprised at the familiarity of the flavours at hand with some sweet, dried milk, milk cocoa influences deeply reminiscent of Hershey's milk chocolate. Up until this point I was reasonably impressed but unfortunately these flavours were soon all but lost with just only a few minutes in the mouth. As the gum warmed and was chewed the chocolaty flavours were soon all lost, leaving only a very sweet artificial and musky taste in the mouth. With the flavours lasting such a brief amount of time I only ever chewed a single piece for no longer than 15 minutes.

Overall to sum this gum up nicely I wouldn't say it was unpleasant but at the same time I wouldn't describe it as a pleasurable experience and this was solely down to the longevity of the flavours. When choosing a gum I want it to do three basic things 1) Taste good 2) Give me fresh breathe (or at least leave my mouth feeling fresh) & 3) Have flavours that are sustained over a decent amount of time. This gum did 1) & 2) to at least some extent, however with the gum flavours lasting such a brief amount of time it in some ways made benefits 1) & 2) redundant. At the end of the day this definitely wouldn't be a product that I would replace my usual mint chewing gum with which I guess is pretty lucky considering it is no longer available. If you would like to read a few more exotic gum reviews I suggest you head over to GiGi's site as she recently did a full weeks worth of gum reviews (HERE).

5.3 out of 10