December 6th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 26


Hi All,

This week we have another shortened edition of '7Days ...' as there are still so many reviews to get through before the year end. Please be sure to check out the extra review posted today ... McVities Jaffa Cake Bars!!

There isn't much to report this side but I can reveal we have more showings from Hotel Chocolat's and Thornton's Christmas ranges this coming week!

News coming from the chocolate market this week is all still focused around the Cadbury takeovers bid. The latest is that Hershey seem to be putting together the money ... and Cadbury are showing all the signs of being willing to accept an offer from them ... SEE HERE.

Post from other blogs I enjoyed this week

* GiGi Reviews - This Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark White Chocolate bar really caeught my eye on Gi's site! It looks/sounds awesome! ... SEE HERE

* Yum Yucky - Josie discussed a fabulous rule that whilst your watching your sports team the more you eat, the better the chance they have of winning :) ... SEE HERE

* Candy Blog - Cybele has started her own Christmas reviews and took a look at the Hershey-ets ... SEE HERE

* Would I Buy it Again? - The guys at this site found perhaps the most disgusting/calorific fast food food ever - Hardee's Monster Biscuit ... SEE HERE

* Impulsive Buy - Speaking of fast food Marvo tried this Chinese-in-a-freezer-bag when he tried this Wanchai Ferry Sweet & Sour Frozen Chicken Meal ... SEE HERE

Have great weeks - be sure to check out the review below!!


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