January 10th: Slim Fast Heavenly Chocolate Delight

Kcal 95 Fat 3.0 Fat(sats) 1.0g Carbs 14.0g

I know what you are all thinking ... 'Jim why on earth are you reviewing another Slim Fast chocolate bar after last weeks abomination!?' Well despite not being sucker for punishment I do believe that if you are going to do a job you should it properly - so if I say I am going to review the Slim Fast range ... I'm gonna review exactly that! That said I introduce to you today the other chocolate option in the Slim Fast snacks collection - the Heavenly Chocolate Delight. Just like the Nutty Nougat this variant didn't have an on pack description but I can reveal it was a bar formed of predominantly chocolate and rice crispie pieces.

Shock horror this Heavenly Chocolate Delight was a whole 1.0g smaller than the Nutty Nougat and not surprisingly was similarly inadequate hunger fulfilment wise. On the whole I thought the presentation was a bit of a step up from the previous Slim Fast offering and though I was still not entirely impressed with the lack of information on the wrapper I thought the bar itself looked a lot more appetising. In fact upon opening the wrapper I have to admit I was pretty surprised at the tempting chocolaty scents that emerged ... hmm maybe this was too surprise me after all!?

To answer my pondering question of above in short - yes I was even further surprised at how much better this tasted than the Nutty Nougat. Just as I expected the main constituents of the bar the rice cereal took centre stage in the taste and they established a sound base set of flavours that added sugar, flour and salt influences in to the bargain. Playing somewhat of a background role the cocoa came through in waves, with some bites having stronger chocolate bursts which only guess was down to them containing some small chunks of plain chocolate. Just as with the Nutty Nougat I had eaten the thing before I knew it and it did very little to satisfy my raging hunger at the time - back to the biscuit tin it was!

Overall I guess I have to throw some congratulations in the way of Slim Fast here as at least they didn't create another bar quite as bad as the Nutty Nougat. To be honest that wasn't exactly ever going to be hard to achieve given how awful the last bar was, but to more positive about things this was approaching being relatively good. The rice crispie cereal and chocolate combination wont exactly be new on anyone and the bar was still criminally small but in regards to taste I thought it didn't do anything too wrong. If I had to improve the bar I would have made the chocolate stronger tasting and would have ramped up the thickness of the outer coating to make the initial bite into the thing more pleasurable as it would have had that fine crispness. Of course all these improvements would have ramifications on the calorie column which I guess is the whole point of the product. One can't help but ask though - doesn't a single chocolate biscuit have less calories and fat but give ten times the taste .... hmm I will leave you to ponder that one!

6.5 out of 10