January 12th: Milka Nussini Haselnuss

Kcal 205 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 5.5g Carbs 19.5g

Once again I have to thank ChocolateMission reader Susie for making this review possible as she so kindly sent me this bar to review all the way from Germany last year. Milka is one of the biggest chocolate brands in Germany and they have a portfolio that is as large as anyone with several sub brands supporting the main line of chocolates that they produce. Having recently dug into their 'Tender' cake bar range I today got my first chance to try their Nussini wafer offering in the form of this Haselnuss variant which was comprised of 'hazelnut flavoured wafer, with hazelnut creme, covered in Alpine milk chocolate'. The king of the wafers for me has to be the Nestle Kit Kat, but I was interested to see if Milka could put up some reasonable competition.

This bar came in a surprisingly large looking size and wasn't half as light as I was expecting with it weighing in at 37.0g. Aesthetically the packing incorporated all the usual Milka characteristics with the purple colour and Milka cow logo giving the wrapper a familiar looking design. Splitting the packaging open I was pleased to see that the inner lining was foil based and it kept the bar looking and smelling in a great condition with some nutty scents immediately evident. Splitting the bar in half it was nice to see the distinct layering of the hazelnut creme and wafers sitting below the nobbly milk chocolate surface which was lined with chopped hazelnut pieces.

Biting into the bar one thing that was straight away confirmed was the expected pleasantness of the outer milk chocolate which displayed its usual creamy, milky taste. Normally Milka milk chocolate is noted with a hint of hazelnut anyway but with the added chopped nut pieces in the coating the usual hint of woody nut was accentuated and more pronounced in taste. One thing that I love about the Nestle Kit Kat so much is the crispness of the wafer though this was not quite the same case here with this Nussini bar. In comparison to the Kit Kat the wafer layers in this bar were a little softer and even felt a little chewy when bitten into. As I expected the wafers didn't offer much in terms of taste, however the inner hazelnut creme further supplemented the outer nutty flavours leaving a lasting hazelnut note in the mouth long after chewing. As aforementioned this bar was surprisingly large in size and by the time I had finished it I did feel somewhat satisfied with my hunger subsided.

Overall I think the score below is possibly a little on the harsh side but I did have to punish this product for its lacklustre wafer textures. I am not the biggest fan of wafer generally, however one thing I just really don't like is when they are soft and lacking in crispness as it just gives me the impression that the product is over its best before date (it was still 6 months inside!). Although the softness of the wafers hardly spoilt this product it still made it pale in comparison to a bar like the Nestle Kit Kat whose wafers are normally so crunchy and offer a little more in terms of taste. One thing I did really enjoy about this product was the addition of the hazelnuts, which really brought a bit of life to taste even in their chopped and creme formats. If your a fan of Milka I think this would be a product you would get some pleasure from. This is nowhere near what I would describe as a 'must try' chocolate but it was a fun change up from the Milka norm.

7.0 out of 10