January 14th: Kit Kat Salted Caramel Little Mini Bites

Kcal 186 Fat 10.4g Carbs 20.7g (per bag)

Kit Kat Salted Caramel Little Mini Bites ... that is one long name for a product that ultimately wants to be associated for being of miniature stature. My roll out of the Japanese themed January reviews continues today with me taking a look at yet another Kit Kat offering sent to me by my pals in the Far East J-List, the Salted Caramel Little Mini Bites. A few years back I can recall Nestle offering a similar product here in the UK under brand name Kit Kat Kubes (I could be wrong!?), but to my knowledge these were pulled from the market sometime during the Noughties. Having been starved of mini-Kit Kat goodness for a while now, the prospect of 'mini Kit Kat wafer balls flavoured with salted caramel' sounded like an idea from a bright spark to me.

My pal Peter from J-List sent me a few bags of these, each of which weighing 32.0g which I felt was a little short on what I desired from a single sitting. In regards to packaging it was all common fair when it comes to Japanese goodies with the outer foil packaging looking vibrant and colourful with some appropriate orange caramel colours and fun looking fonts. Inside the chocolate pieces were about the size of Malteser though looked pretty funky when bitten in to with the layering of the wafer and cocoa creme as clear as in a normal Kit Kat. Another pleasant thing worth mentioning was the delightful smell that greeted me when I opened the pack as it encapsulated both chocolate and toffee.

Now having tried milk chocolate Kit Kats from the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and probably even more countries that I have forgotten about, one thing I have come to learn is that the quality of the milk chocolate simply doesn't fluctuate. What you get in the UK Nestle milk chocolate ... you get in the Japanese stuff - sweet, milk rooted in taste and just enough of a cocoa edge to deliver the chocolate flavour hit. No it isn't spectacular by any means but hey it does the job and for that I for one won't be complaining to much. So how was the salted caramel element!? ... well it was utterly superb! Present in the creme sandwiched in the light wheat tasting wafers, every single bite sized piece included a delightful dose of buttery sweet toffee flavours that had the most wonderful of salty licks. The sweet and salt combination made for one of the most moreish tasting Kit Kat products I have come across and it was just a pity that each bag was so small meaning the packets were finished remarkably quickly.

Overall I have today found yet another imported caramel flavoured Kit Kat that manages to put both the supermarket multi pack and Chunky UK caramel editions to shame. Falling short of including actual caramel (which probably wouldn't have worked with this format anyway!) these Mini Bites were one of the most enjoyable mass produced chocolates I have eaten for a while and I simply couldn't get enough of the sweet and salty butterscotch taste that complimented both the chocolate and wafer elements so terrifically. Personally I am not much a fan of the Little Mini Bites format and would have loved to have tried this flavour as just a standard bar, though I am sure there are just as many people who differ in opinion and would welcome the change up of format. Given the smallish size these are not the most fulfilling of snacks but I strongly suggest you give them a try if your are thinking of importing from Japan soon ... if only the caramel Kit Kat options in the UK were half as good as these!

8.7 out of 10