January 23rd: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 30

### Further Reaction to the Cadbury Takeover ###

Hi All,

It has been a pretty crazy week what with the announcement of the Cadbury takeover on Tuesday. I posted my initial reaction on the in the Hershey Milk Chocolate Review discussion, however having had further time to think about it I have some additional comments so 7Days of Chocolate Reviews is a little different this week.

The general consensus here in the UK is one of doom and gloom with pessimistic POV's strife amongst the media. To be honest I can see where a lot of this pessimism is coming from - the takeover not only brings uncertainty for the future of one of our most beloved and successful British brands but it also brings job insecurity for the majority of Cadbury workers (which in a recession is never a good thing!).

If we for one minute we forget all the negativity and look on the bright side of things we could possibly look at it from this slant. If Kraft were to create synergies with some of their own and Cadbury products there is a potential for things like Cadbury Dairy Milk Dime, Cadbury Dairy Milk Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy Milk Terry's etc. Another positive thing could be the upscale in production of Milka chocolate here in the UK if old Cadbury assists are used - hardly a bad substitute eh!?

Overall although I would love to look at things like that I ultimately think it is a sad day to see one of our proudest manufactures sell up in what can only be a decision made by corporate greed. As I said on Tuesday, business is business and there is little space for sentiment in times of global economic difficulties so the decision by the Cadbury shareholder is somewhat understandable although bitter to swallow.

Given how long these takeover processes take I wouldn't say it is quite time to go out and hoard your Cadbury Wispa Golds just yet, I am sure it will be a long time before we start seeing any significant changes what with the legalities that will have to be worked out in the courts before a full takeover takes place.

I would love to put a positive spin on all of this but frankly I fear the day when we are all tucking in to our Kraft chocolates and saying .... 'do you remember when Cadbury used to make Dairy Milk'.

Thanks Everyone - I would love to hear your views so this post will be left on the site throughout the weekend for you all to discuss - feel free to leave a comment.


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