January 3rd: Mr Bunbury Madgascan Brownies

Kcal 167 Fat 9.8g Fat(sats) 5.9g Carbs 17.6g (per brownie)

Last month you may remember me taking my first look at the Mr Bunbury range in the form of the Millionaire's Shortbreads. Despite them gaining only a rather poor score of 6.2 out of 10, I couldn't not give the brand a second chance especially considering the company is so locally situated to me. Just as with the Millionaire's Shortbreads I found these Mr Bunbury Madagascan Brownies in my local Sainsbury's supermarket at the same £1.99 price point. Described as 'marvellous brownies as rich as Croesus and packed to the gunwales with highly superior Madagascar chocolate' Mr Bunbury was again talking a pretty big game, I was hoping they would fair better than the shortbreads.

My 199 pennies bought a pack of 5 brownies which I consumed across a weekly period one by one. Aesthetically the packaging looked pretty much no different to the Millionaire's Shortbreads aside from the baby blue colouring replaced with a pastel pink. Personally I wouldn't have chosen that colour myself for a brownie product though I wont get hung up on that too much. The brownies themselves were kept within individual plastic packets and although I thought they weren't the most unique or vibrant looking of products they smelt great and I was excited by the freshly baked chocolate scents that emerged.

You may have noticed that I started reviewing a fair few brownie and cake products at the back end of last year so these had pretty high standards to contend with from the outset. With the outer packaging promising high quality Madagascan chocolate I was expecting these brownies to taste insanely rich and for this part they did deliver. You could argue that for 167 calories a serving you would expect a really satisfying product but to counter that I could name several more calorific snack that are simply not as fulfilling as these brownies were. The richness was mainly rooted in the strong, unsweetened cocoa flavours that were brought to the party in each bite. The underlying cake constituents were buttery in taste with a slight lick of salt enhancing the sugar nicely. If I had one disappointment with these brownies it is that the texture felt monotonous and one dimensional and could have done with an added something like chocolate chips to bring a little bit of differentiation.

Overall these were a vast improvement on the Mr Bunbury Millionaire's Shortbreads but I still think there a few areas for improvement. The core constituents of this product were pretty much on the money and just as promised by the on-pack blurb these brownies were pretty rich tasting and left me feeling satisfied after a single piece. As I have referred to above though I couldn't help but feel that there was something a missing here and the feel of the brownies in the mouth was just a little boring and placid. With the simple introduction of either chocolate icing or chocolate chips I think these Mr Bunbury Madagascan Brownies could have a winning formula. I never like being critical of a local manufacture so I was glad to see that the guys in Kingston-Upon-Thames had a better product here. They aren't the best brownies around and are a little on the expensive side, but if you see them on an offer somewhere they are at least worth a try.

7.7 out of 10