January 4th: Nestle Kit Kat Sweet Potato Minis

I told you these Japanese reviews would be coming thick and fast! Today we take a look at a Kit Kat flavour that I have reviewed in one form already back in March 2009(See HERE). Indeed back in March I found the Kit Kat Sweet Potato to be somewhat of a surprising hit and it ended up scoring 8.0 out of 10 on the ChocolateMission scoring chart.

New this year J-List have sent me the latest incarnation of this flavour in the form of these Mini Roasted Sweet Potato bars, which came bundled in a multi pack of eight consisting of 4 original and 4 sweet potato flavoured.

Unlike most Japanese Kit Kats these mini ones didn't come in separate cardboard boxes but rather in a large foil bag. I am not complaining about this at all but at the same time I have to say it lacked the eccentricity of some of the single pack bigger flavours that I have reviewed previously. Below are my brief thoughts on both the flavours ...

Kit Kat Original Mini:

Kcal 66 Fat 3.6g Carbs 7.5g (per 12.3g piece)

What more can I say about a normal Kit Kat!? Just like our UK one the milk chocolate was sweet and milky and friendly to the taste. Just as with the standard sized Kit Kats there was a layer of milk chocolate creme sandwiched in the layers of the wafers which further reaffirmed the flavours of the outers chocolate. These didn't offer anything I hadn't experienced before but I am not going to complain about that now. Very Good.

Kit Kat Sweet Potato Mini

Kcal 69 Fat 4.0g Carbs 7.7g (per 12.3g)

After a little persuasion I finally persuaded a few of my other family members to taste one these - they weren't all filled with joy at the prospect of a sweet potato Kit Kat (can't say I blame them!). The comments from them were that they wouldn't have guessed it was sweet potato flavoured had they not been made aware. They suggested the main flavour influences were rooted in the white chocolate base with hints of cream and custard. Personally comparing it to the Sweet Potato Kit Kat I ate previously I similarly thought that the sweet potato didn't come through as strongly. Unlike in the bigger version I tried in March the notes of sesame, pepper and salt didn't come through as strongly. There was a starchy stirring in the background but like my family I would sturggled to pin this down as sweet potato had I not been aware. Good.

Overall these were a puzzling product to rate as I found them on the whole quite pleasant but at the same time a little disappointing. If you are buying them as a gift based on the fact that they are a 'weird sweet potato flavoured product' I guess these work out as you not only get the novelty factor but you also get a pretty friendly tasting Kit Kat that most people would like. On the other hand if it is yourself that you are buying for with the intention of tasting a genuine sweet potato flavoured chocolate you would perhaps be a little disappointed with these given the tame sweet potato taste flavours you get. Another question worth pondering is that do you really want four mini original Kit Kats when they are readily available across the globe!? On that basis I probably wouldn't recommend these as a product to get off J-List but I would certainly checkout the rest of their wonderful range of Far Eat Kit Kats. There are more Kit Kat reviews coming soon!

7.4 out of 10