January 9th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 28

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

I hope you all my UK readers have survived the big freeze this week and have stocked themselves up on their favourite chocolate bars .... you have to think about nourishment in weather like this people :)

What went down this week!? Well nothing really apart from the start of a month of Japanese and Diet themed chocoaltes. Japanese wise we had the Kit Kat Sweet Potato and the Lotte Sasha Original Chocolates ... which can both be found at J-List - HERE. I also kicked off my yearly look into the world of diet friendly chocolate with the Slim Fast Chocolate Nutty Nougat - HERE.

Coming next week we have more of the Japanese and diet chocolate markets, aswell as the latest Cadbury cake bars ... be sure to check the site.

Have great weeks and please keep the discussions on the posts.


News from the Chocolate Market

* Mars are bringing out a limited edition Snickers bar that has 10% more nuts in than a standard bar ... See HERE

* Werthers (makers of Werthers Originals) are bringing out a range of bagged chocolates ... See HERE

* The latest from the Cadbury take over bid can be read up on HERE

Post from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* CandyBlog - Cybele recently did a fantastic post detailing the 110 Essential Candies for Cadivores ... check it out ... See HERE

* TheImpulsiveBuy - Marvo reviewed some wonderful looking McDonald's Frappes ... not that I could seen dead in an establishment like that of course :) ... See HERE

* GiGi Reviews - Gi geared up for her upcoming British week by reviewing the Terry's Chocolate Orange ... See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - Cin has been seeking out all the latest Walkers Crisps flavours on the UK market ... found out what they are ... See HERE

* ChocaBlog - Dom reviewed a Guiness flavoured chocolate bar ... yes you read that right GUINESS flavoured ... See Here

*** Stars & Their Bars ***

Rather than do big Stars & Their Bars posts I have decided to incorporate two answers into the 7 Days of Chocolate Reviews posts each weekend. So what did these Celebs say to the question ... 'What is your favourite chocolate bar?'

Will Carling - Ex England Rugby Union International

Matt Horne - Comedian / Actor from BBC's Gavin & Stacey