February 11th: Werther's Original Chocolate Milk

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Right at the back end of last year Storck announced that the Werther's Original brand was going to be extended with the release of three new chocolate products for it's portfolio (See HERE). Roll out of these three new obviously seemingly took very little time at all, as just over a month on from that press release I am in a position to start publishing my reviews having now tasted all three. Starting off my look at the new range I today bring you the Werther's Original Chocolate Milk which on the back of pack were described as 'milk chocolate marbled with caramel flavoured white chocolate'.

As with every Storck product these chocolates were produced in Germany and came individually wrapped in a 125.0g bag. The pouch format packaging looked pleasing on the eye although there were some very obvious similarities with a certain British manufacturer with the purple colouring and matted material striking me as not to unlike Cadbury. Appearances aside one thing that I definitely need to comment on is the wonderful smell that greeted me when I first split the bag open. Without even needing to unwrap the chocolates a glorious set of caramel scents emerged setting expectations sky high - they smelt fantastic.

Once I had stopped marvelling at the glorious smells that I was being treated to I finally went about unwrapping my first piece and I was instantly taken aback by the cool marble like patterns that decorated each chocolate. Each of the pieces were a great size for consuming in one mouthful so I straight away went about placing one on my tongue and waited for the melt to unfold. I did exactly that ... I waited ... I waited ... I waited a little longer ... but the melt never developed and neither did the flavours. These chocolates really had an odd texture in that they felt waxy in the mouth and simply didn't melt. At this point I realised that these chocolates needed chewing and once I did this my mouth was literally bursting full of flavours with both the caramel and chocolate elements contributing. In terms of the chocolate the volume of cocoa was probably not as great as I would have wanted but it still provided a creamy undertone to the caramel flavours which very much took centre stage bringing delightful butterscotch and salt elements to the taste. Unfortunately what with these chocolates needing to be chewed to release flavour they didn't last as long as I hoped they would in the mouth and the flavour longevity was surprisingly poor which left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied even after eating quite a few.

Overall I didn't know quite what to expect from this new range given that Storck aren't universally known for their chocolate and what I got was a real mixed bag. What I experienced was a product that very much worked in one manner but not another - these chocolates tasted great but they were really let down by their awkward texture which as you can see really hampered them when it came to the ChocolateMission scoring chart. As you will have read above the odd waxy textures meant that these wouldn't melt in the mouth without chewing which if you think about it is really a far cry from the original Werther's which are best enjoyed when sucked on. When I shared these amongst some workmates most said they really enjoyed them though some of the feedback was that they did feel like a bit of an odd halfway house between hard boiled sweets and normal chocolate. I am looking forward to trying the other two variants in the range - reviews coming soon.

7.4 out of 10