February 12th: Montezuma's Bam Bam

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

We are now over two months into a new year but I am still on the same ChocolateMission and making nearly their 20th appearance on the site I tried yet another Montezuma's product today. Montezuma's has been a brand that I have never quite hit it off with with their quality ranging from the superb to the utterly woeful ... take a look HERE to see what I mean. One thing I can't fault the people at Monte's for though is the willingness to send me freebies which of course are always gratefully received. Sitting in the latest batch of bars they sent me was this 'Bam Bam' chocolate which constituted of 'dark chocolate with crunchy peppermint'.

As evident from the photo above this was a product from the Montezuma's Speciality Bars range and came in a 45.0g size that was split into 6 blocks pieces. Looking at the packaging the design work was fair though I must say the colours weren't all that differentiated from some of the other variants which did have me double checking that I hadn't reviewed this one before. As is always a source for complaint with Montezuma's products the inner plastic packet was clumsy looking and the unbranded block pieces looked dull and lacking in character. Opening the plastic packet I immediately noticed that the chocolate was not the most forthcoming in smell and lacked an aroma that grabbed my attention - in truth I was expecting more of a minty fresh smell but this was not what was offered.

To be fair I hate being critical about products and can normally find at least one thing positive to say about each and everyone I try. With that I will tell you about the things I liked about this chocolate before I get to the nitty gritty annoyances that stopped it being the great quality that it should have been. One of things that I did like enjoy about this chocolate was the initial flavours it generated in the mouth with its smooth flowing, unintimidating cocoa flavours that were smooth to the taste, reasonably strong tasting but yet still nonthreatening. Whats more although the melt of the chocolate was a little slow initially for my liking, the texture was at first nicely smooth, though this soon changed with the introduction of the granulated sugar pieces which were embedded running through the middle of the bar. Constituting the 'crunchy' element of the peppermint flavouring the sugar pieces felt rough in the mouth, whilst the peppermint element was dull and lacking in life delivering no sort of freshness or cooling sensation to the mouth. In all the peppermint was just lacklustre and quickly dominated the taste of the dark chocolate making the experience one dimensional and lacking the desired cutting edge.

Overall I was left feeling disappointed by another Montezuma's offering and felt they really missed out on an opportunity to take hold of a niche that is actually sparse in offerings when you think about it. Off the top of my head I cannot think of a mint flavoured dark chocolate bar that dominates that particular sector - of course there are products like the Nestle After Eight, Bendick's Bittermint, Fry's Peppermint Creme etc but those are mint fondant products which are a little different to what was on offer here with this bar. This chocolate today was meant to deliver a high quality dark chocolate with a dose of peppermint, but what was actually here was an Ok-ish dark chocolate with a pretty monotonous tasting mint influence. Please remember that this is just my own opinion and others may vary, but I personally wont be recommending this to anyone apart from chocolate mint lovers.

6.1 out of 10