February 13th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 33

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

Please excuse the abrupt '7DOCR' post today it has been a hectic week. If you look below today you will an updated version of my original Cadbury Boost review back from 2008. You will see some glossy new pics + an additional section looking at the Irish comparative Moro bar - See BELOW.

What else went down this week ... well just the usual swooning at Hotel Chocolat's latest creation (See HERE), BATTLE OF THE BUNNIES - was immense if I say so myself (See HERE), aswell as a first look at Werther's latest line of chocolate caramel products (See HERE).

Coming up this week I have a real treat for you all coming this Monday, some more crazy Japanese products aswell as a special Valentines post for you all tomorrow from the chaps at Guylian.

I hope this all sounds good - Be sure to check out the site Monday where I hopefully have yet another ChocolateMission exclusive in the pipeline!

Have great weeks


News from the Chocolate Market:

* Terry's chocolate Orange have teamed up with a wine partner this Valentines day .. See HERE

* Cadbury are launching a new line of bars this week (thanks to Lottie/Phil/Alan) for the tip off ... See HERE

* According to The Grocer Waitrose make the best chocolate cream eclairs ... See HERE

* Reaction here to Kraft going back on their promise not to close the Cadbury Keynsham factory ... See HERE

Post from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* GiGi Reviews - reviewed some amazing looking Tim Hornton's Doughnuts ... See HERE

* Impulsive Buy - Marvo took a look at the latest Ben & Jerrie's Boston Cream Pie flavour ... See HERE

* ChocaBlog - Dom found a white chocolate that he 'actually liked' according to his Twitter feed ... See HERE

* Foodstufffinds - was contemplating what part of the large sized Munchies Mini Bites were actually Mini .. See HERE

* YumYucky - Josie got stuck in to the awesome sounding Special K Chocolatey Pretzel bars ... See HERE


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