February 23rd: Lindt Strawberry-Rhubarb Yogurt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Just when I thought I had escaped (term used very loosely) from all the fruit flavoured yogurt chocolates from Germany, Dean-German-Grocery found it within themselves to send me one final bar from Lindt's summer 2009 range. Taking the honour of being last of the season was this Lindt Strawberry-Rhubarb Yogurt bar, which you wont be surprised to hear constituted of a strawberry and rhubarb yogurt filling covered in white chocolate. Considering that homemade rhubarb crumble is one of my all time favourite desserts I was pleased to see the fruit make an appearance for the first time in chocolate bar reviewed here on ChocolateMission.

Just like most of Lindt's summer yogurt bars this one came part of the 'pods' range and came in a 100.0g size. In line with my comments on the other Lindt yogurt bars I can tell you my perceptions of the packaging and overall presentation were equally as positive. The wrapper was cleanly designed with clear branding and communication of the flavour, whilst the chocolate itself looked appetising with a gleaming surface and visible fruit bits in the fluffy looking pink filling. What was also nice to see was that whilst everything was aesthetically good, the chocolate also smelt appetising with a wild fruit influence coming through the dairy scents strongly.

One of my pet hates with products like this is that sometimes the fruit centres can flavour the outer chocolate meaning the taste is often really one dimensional and lacking in progressiveness (have I just made that word up!?). The reason I have mentioned the previous annoyance is because I am glad to report this was not what was evident here and it ultimately made for far better tasting experience because of it. As with most Lindt white chocolate the taste was predominantly cream based with strong milk and vanilla influences established as soon as the melt began. With the chocolate establishing a dairy rooted taste it was further reaffirmed by the yogurt filling which was softer in texture in comparison and built upon the cream based taste with some strong fruit influences. At first the sweetness of the strawberry fruit was the only detectable, however in the latter stages there was a rhubarb tartness which offset the sugary nature of the strawberry wonderfully. With the filling being reasonably sweet this wasn't a chocolate I wanted to eat in great quantities and I found 30.0g more than a fulfilling amount.

Overall this is yet another Lindt yogurt bar that gets a ChocolateMission thumbs up. Just as I expected the white chocolate was of a great quality though I never really thought this was going to be otherwise. The all important factor with this bar was of course always going to be how well the inner strawberry and rhubarb was executed and having tasted it I would say that the choice of fruit was quite well thought out. As described above the slightly sour rhubarb nicely contrasted with the sugary strawberry which made the taste more balanced even though it was perhaps just a touch still on the sweet side for me. If I was offered either this bar or some of the other Ritter Sport citrus yogurt bars I would have to chose the Ritter though that of course doesn't make this a poor option in its own right. This was certainly a nice way to end my reviews of these fruit flavoured yogurt bars ... for a few months anyway :)

8.1 out of 10