February 24th: Kit Kat Chilli Powder Little Mini Bites

Kcal 188 Fat 10.3g Carbs 21.5g

Cast your mind back a month ago to my review of the Kit Kat Salted Caramel Little Mini Bites and you will remember that they were awarded one of the highest ratings given out for a mass produced chocolate product in the last 6 months on ChocolateMission (8.7 out of 10 - See HERE). After enjoying those so much I was literally chomping at the bit to try the other variant from the range and thankfully J-List obliged by sending me along a sample of these Chilli Powder flavoured Little Mini Bites. It will come as no surprise to you that this variant constituted of 'milk chocolate covered wafer bites filled with creme and a touch of chilli powder' which sounded like a promising combination if done correctly.

Just as with the Salted Caramel variant these Mini Bites came in a 35.0g pack that I ate across the course of a single sitting. Now if these a product you are thinking of gifting to someone who isn't literate in Japanese there is potential for a little fun to be had here as the actual chilli element of the product wasn't that clearly communicated visually on the pack. Indeed only the small, faint chili pictures down the bottom of the packet would give the game away and even they aren't exaclty that clear to make out. In addition to the lack of communication of the chilli flavour on the packaging it wasn't as if the aromas offered any clear insight in to the chilli contents as the pack only offered up the typical sweet, wafery Kit Kat smells.

After seeing both the lack of presence of the chilli on both the wrapper and in the smells I was totally unprepared for lay ahead and it certainly turned out to be a surprising experience. Placing the first few pieces in my mouth I let the chocolate melt off the centres before crunching down on the crisp wafer fillings and nothing about this at all seemed untoward. The milk chocolate was the usual Nestle standard with it's sugary chocolate milk like taste, whilst the wafers offered up the typical brown sugar noted wheat flavours. To be honest the I couldn't taste the chilli whatsoever and after a few seconds of swallowing my first mouthful I was disappointed by the lack of presence from the chilli ... and then it hit! A few seconds after swallowing I hate a distinct scratchy, hot feeling at the back of my throat which I have to say wasn't all that pleasant. The delay in the reaction of the swallowing to the burning sensation in my mouth felt a little unnatural and it was odd that I couldn't sense any enhancement to the actual taste. By the end of the pack the back of my throat felt really quite raw which as you can imagine really wasn't that nice.

Overall I think it is a fair conclusion to make that Nestle were of the mindset here to create novelty product rather a great tasting one. At the heart of things these Mini Bites didn't taste bad whatsoever as they were pretty much just small original Kit Kat bites. Unfortunately the chilli element was more about getting a reaction from the consumer and the startling spicy kick at the back of the throat wasn't actually flavour enhancing in any manner. Towards the end of the pack I really started to feel like eating these were a chore as my mouth was bordering on being overrun by the spice and it was making the taste all the less enjoyable for it. Tasting these once was enough for me and I can't imagine me ever buying these in the future for my own personal consumption. As a joke gift they might get a cheap laugh but I would suggest you give the Salted Caramel a try if you are buying for yourself.

6.6 out of 10