February 27: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 35

### Jim's Corner & QOTW ###

Hi All,

You may have noticed this week that a few backlogged reviews from around Chritmas time finally it made it up on the site this week.

A few of the reviews that had been waiting a while in the queue were the Terry's Twilight (See HERE), Nestle Baby Ruth Crisp (See HERE) and the Lindt Strawberry-Rhubarb Yogurt (See HERE). What with Valentines Day and new product launches getting in the way these one had to waite to their turn for months, but I have managed to sneak them in before all hell breaks loose for Easter and Mothers day.

Sandwiched in between those guys I brought you yet another Kit Kat reviews with Monday's Milk Coffee (See HERE), and on Wednesday the Kit Kat Little Chilli Powder Mini Bites (See HERE) - I hope you guys aren't getting bored of the Japanese goodies because I just recieved another box from J-List .... which leads me to question of the week ...

'Which region would you like to see better represented on the site i.e. do you want me to do more reviews for products from the US? UK? Japan? Europe? Are things just about right?'

Let me know what you think. Thanks for all the comments again this week I am still endeavouring to answer each and every one of them.

Have a great week


News from the Chocolate Market:

* Mars have launched their new World Cup campaign with the help of some England 'legends' ...ahem ... See HERE

* Guylian has some nice sounding products coming out this Spring ... See HERE

* Nestle are sticking £2.5m behind a new Aero campaign ... See HERE

* Cadbury has made more of its portfolio Fairtrade aligned ... See HERE

* Mars are bringing back Galaxy Counters!? Can someone tell me what these were please!! ... See HERE

* Given up chocolate for Lent!? Take a look at this ... See HERE

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Foodstufffinds - Cin has giving her two cents on the Cadbury Bar of Plenty range this week ... See HERE

* ImpulsiveBuy - New contributor Kelley posted her review on the new Jack in the Box grilled sandwiches ... See HERE

* GiGiReviews - Similarly to Kelley, Gi reviewed another artery clogging burger - Carl Jr's Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger - See HERE

* ChocaBlog - These guys went all out with the Japanese reviews this week - cracking stuff and well checking out all of Dom's and Simon's reviews for Japanese Week ... See HERE

* YumYucky - Josie got her lips round some awesome sounding Little Debbie Peanut Butter & Jelly Oatmeal Pies ... See HERE


Again this week I spent more time updating some old reviews with new photos ... please check them out.

* Kinder Bueno - See HERE
* Kit Kat Senses - See HERE
* Cadbury Crunchie - See HERE
* Nestle Lion Bar - See HERE