February 2nd: Ritter Sport Olympia

Kcal 560 Fat 37.0g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 49.0g

Although having received many hints from ChocolateMission reader Susanne that I should review this Ritter Sport Olympia bar, it wasn't until my dear friend Franzi from Germany was so kind to send me one along that I finally got around to trying it. The Ritter Sport Olympia was first seen on the German market as a limited edition flavour that coincided with the last Olympic Games. After much public outcry about it being taken out of distribution after the Olympics finished Ritter Sport finally saw sense and last year brought it back as permanent flavour in their portfolio. Described on pack as 'milk chocolate with a yogurt filling with honey, nuts and dextrose' it sounded like a flavour that really could be to my liking.

Forming part of the standard 100.0g range I couldn't help but finish all twenty-five pieces in only two sittings. Looking at the packaging I was immediately reminded of the Goldenschwartz flavour that I tried back in 2009 with the golden foil wrapper catching the eye for all the right reasons. The chocolate inside was split into the standard sized Ritter Sport blocks and looked particularly appetising with the white coloured filling studded with golden bits of nuts. Taking a good smell of the bar the overriding scents came from the chocolate, though there was a slight hint of floral honey.

Having been given quite the build up in terms of recommendations from my readers this was a chocolate that had a lot to live up to and I am glad to say it did exactly that. As you will have seen across my 30+ Ritter Sport reviews before the quality of Ritter's milk chocolate is not one that I would say is anywhere near top of the best ever milk chocolates but like so many of the reviews that have gone before this was very much all about the delicious filling. The chocolate was not bad by any means but the predominantly milk led taste it substantiated was soon playing second fiddle to the filling that was sandwiched in the middle. Initially the filling reminded me of a slightly tarter version of the Ritter Sport Yogurt bar, however the sourness was soon taken out of the taste by the sweetness brought to the part by the note of honey that developed as the melt progressed. Sitting within the yogurty centre, small pieces of crunchy hazelnut and dextrose (honeycomb to me and you I think) brought additional hints of woody hazelnut and golden syrup to the taste. The overall experience was varied and progressive in terms of both flavours and textures and I savoured every last piece from the very first to the very last.

Overall I was pleased that this bar was as good as it was as given all the recommendations I got sent about it before I finally got the chance to try it myself this week. If Ritter Sport could improve one thing about their range I would suggest that they try to improve the quality of their milk chocolate. Like I said above it isn't bad by any means but if it was just a little tastier I think it would take a bit of pressure off the quality of the fillings which luckily for Ritter seem to pretty much always be superb - the yogurt, honey and nut filling of the Olympia certainly was! What I enjoyed most about the bar was the variance in flavours and textures it offered whilst the melt progressed the longer it was in the mouth. The sourness of the yogurt and sweetness of the honey and dextrose was delicious and I would suggest that fans of the original Ritter Sport Yogurt bar really take a look at trying this Olympia bar if given half a chance. This was the first time I ever tried this chocolate and it sure wont be the last.

8.9 out of 10