February 6th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews - Edition 32

### Jim's Corner & QOTW ###

Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well. I seemingly say this every week but it has been a very busy week on the site with a certain Valentines range attracting quite a lot of attention.

The range I am talking about above would just so happen to be the Thorntons' Feb 14th goodies I reviewed HERE & HERE. In addition to those Valentines Day products I also reviewed the Hotel Chocolat Melting Hearts ... See HERE ...thankfully they were an awful lot better. Also featured on the site this week the Galaxy Bubbles made its internet review debut ... See HERE ... please be sure to add your own thoughts to the review as and when you get the chance to try it.

Now on to question of the week ... Having labelled the Thorntons Lovebirds as 'ridiculously tacky' I got thinking ...

'what do you think makes a good looking chocolate product? What is the best looking one on the market?'

Drop me a line and let me know ...

Coming this week we have the long awaited BATTLE OF THE EASTER BUNNIES, more Mr Bunbury and of course more Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day products.

I hope you all have great weeks.


News from the Chocolate Market:

* Mars has reduced the fat content of several of its bars ... See HERE

* Kellogg's have brought out a new chocolate cereal ... See HERE

* Green & Black's entire range is now completely Fairtrade ... See HERE

* Thorntons are bringing out some very familiar sounding Mothers Day products ... See HERE

* Kschocolat have gone bust - I never liked their stuff anyway ... See HERE

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Foodstufffinds - Tried some lovely sounding sweet potatoe crisps from a new brand called Velvet Sky ... See HERE

* Impulsive Buy - Marvo reviewed the only consumer good you need consider buying the mane in your life this Valentines Day ...NEW Dove Men +Care shower gel range (also available in deodorant!!!)... See HERE

* GiGi Reviews - Gi was lucky enough to review some more of the awesome sounding Q Bel Crispy Wafer range - See HERE

* Japanese Snack Reviews - These guys tried the delightful sound Maple flavoured Kit Kats ...See HERE

* Hotel Chocolat - Make sure you get over to their site and order your loved one their Valentines Day gift! Remember to use the ChocolateMission code for 10% off JIMVAL10 ... See HERE


Jenni Falconer - BBC TV personality (National Lottery!)

Matt Dawson - Ex England Rugby Union International / BBC TV personality