February 7th: Mr Bunbury Biscuit Cakes

Kcal 180 Fat 11.8g Fat(sats) 6.7g Carbs 16.6g (per cake)

Poor old Mr Bunbury has taken a bit of a beating on ChocolateMission in the past few weeks but that hasn't stopped me parting with yet more of my hard earned pennies to try the last of the three offerings from his range. Having tried the Mr Bunbury Millionaire Shortbread's and Madagascan Brownies I today took on his 'Biscuit Cakes' which just like the rest are also produced not too far from me in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. These Biscuit Cakes came described on-pack as 'digestive biscuit cakes crammed with raisins and positively bathed in rich Belgian chocolate' .... positively bathed?? Of all the on-pack blurbs I have never heard that one before!

You may have noticed that since I reviewed the Millionaire Shortbreads and Madagascan Brownies they have both changed from being portioned in packs of 5 to smaller 12 pack pieces. Unlike those variants these Biscuit Cakes are still portioned in the five serving format and I ate them across the course of one week. Styled in the same format as the rest of the range I kinda liked the look of the outer packaging and I suddenly clicked that it looked like the sort of artwork you would find in an old school childrens book. Although the outer packaging looked pretty good my thoughts on the inner content was less positive. Just as I have commented in the other variant reviews the inner plastic packets looked cheap and the inner cakes for me lacked personality and appeared unappetising on the eye (especially when they crumbled all over the place when I opened each wrapper grrr!). In terms of aroma each cake piece offered a reasonable plethora of chocolaty, biscuit scents but it wasn't like they struck me as being remarkably fresh or forthcoming in smell.

Personally I had never had a 'Biscuit Cake' before but these didn't quite live up to expectations in what they actually were. In terms of taste I was expecting a far richer chocolate flavour hit, however this was never really delivered on given the limitation of the textures I experienced. With dark Belgian chocolate compromising of 35% of the total constituents it wasn't as if the chocolate taste wasn't there, it was more of a case that the taste on the whole wasn't sustained as each bite melted in the mouth ridiculously fast and before the flavours could really be sustained. The dark chocolate itself wasn't the strongest though like I perceived with the Madagascan Brownies the unsweetened cocoa flavours were not too harsh for mass consumer taste buds and established a darker than average, yet friendly chocolate experience. Unfortunately the less flavoursome and quick melting constituents were in actual fact the majority of each cake and came in the form of the biscuit pieces. Unlike your average digestive biscuit they lacked the mish mash flavours of the sugar, salt and butter influences and ultimately proved to be little more than filler. On a more positive note the raisins were plump, fruity and provided a little bit of density to the surprisingly light textured biscuit pieces but for me this wasn't enough to really satisfy my hunger to any great degree - especially when you take into consideration the nutritional contents.

Overall I am afraid the axe has come down again on poor Mr Bunbury who has once again copped it so speak on the ChocolateMission rating system. I think I have gone into enough detail above on where the problems of this product lay so I will save repeating myself and provide you with some more sweeping conclusions for the brand as whole! The Mr Bunbury company is somewhat of a rarity nowadays ... coming from nowhere the brand has on-shelf presence in at least one (maybe more!?) of the UK's biggest supermarkets but for me it isn't offering the consumer the right proposition. The Mr Bunbury brands retails for £1.99 which is a price premium when compared to the other products sitting next to it on-shelf!? If the products offered something a little more special than say the Cadbury, McVitie's Cake Bars etc then this premuimality would be justified - but I personally haven't seen any evidence across any of the three variants to back this up. I would love to be able to support a local brand but I just can't recommend any of the three Mr Bunbury products to my readers - he either needs to give a little more (better product), or take a little less (lower price!).

5.8 out of 10