February 9th: Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat Classic

Kcal 215 Fat 17.4g Fat(sats) 11.0g Carbs 11.9g (per 37.5g tablet)

At the back of 2009 I was sent a package of chocolates from Germany from ChocolateMission reader Susie. In the selection she was so kind enough to include several Moser Roth Mousse bars, the first of which I reviewed in January the Moser Roth Mousse au Lait Noisette (See HERE). A few weeks on and I have been trying another variant from the range in the form of this Mousse au Chocolat Classic which on pack is described as 'Edel-Bitterschockolade mit Mousse au Chocolat-Fullung' ... that is dark chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling to us English speaking. This all sounded pretty grand to me but this chocolate had a lot to live up to given the quality of the closest equivalent Lindt Mousse au Chocolat Dark bar I reviewed back in 2008 (see HERE).

Like the Mousse au Lait Noisette last month this bar came in a 187.5g form that was split into five mini bar servings. I often compliment Moser Roth on the attention they pay to detail with their presentation and I was once again very impressed by the quality of their packaging and their chocolate crafting. Indeed, both the outer box and inner chocolate looked very good and far more stylish than you would expect from a discounter brand. Inside the box, sleeved packets separated the chocolate in to handy serving sizes which also kept the chocolate both looking and smelling fresh emanating some fragrant cocoa scents.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph this chocolate was always going to have a tough time given that it was going up against one of the finest Lindt products I have ever tasted. I did however get a little optimistic when I read further into the details on the packaging which stated that the bar was coated in 85% cocoa dark chocolate at which point hopes were raised that this bar was going to be full of flavour with some fine mousse textures. Well If I am honest this chocolate fulfilled one of these two desires - it did indeed have the variable textures from crisp outer chocolate to fluffy mousse innards but it sadly lacked the depth of flavour I was hoping for. The outer chocolate did substantiate a reasonable unsweetened cocoa taste but it never went above or beyond what you expect from say a mass produced dark chocolate confection. It wasn't quite as ill flavoured as Cadbury Bournville but at the same time I wouldn't say it was as tasty as either Ritter Sport or Galaxy's dark offerings. The other thing that mildly disappointed me was the lack of progression shown in the taste from the outer chocolate to the inner mousse the change up in textures was nice but it would have been lovely if the inner mousse actually brought the taste forward.

Overall it was always going to be a bit of an unfair comparison but ultimately this Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat Classic didn't reach the standards of it's Lindt comparator. Despite it's 85% cocoa min solids billing the chocolate simply wasn't strong or flavoursome enough and it lacked the quality in terms of taste that other mass produced dark chocolates offer. It wasn't all bad mind you - just like the Mousse au Lait Noisette the textures displayed by the chocolate were superb and I loved the crispness of the outer chocolate moving into the softer mousse filling ... it was just a pity that the mousse didn't offer anything to the taste. What I think this chocolate could have done with is an added flavour in the mousse, which I guess leads me on to trying the dark chocolate mousse with chilli bar nicely next week :) As far this bar goes I wouldn't recommend it if you like you dark chocolate strong and flavoursome. By no means a disaster but just treat yourself to the Lindt.

7.3 out of 10