March 13th: Cadbury Caramel / Crunchie Biscuits

STOP PRESS ... 7Days of Chocolate Reviews has been replaced this week by an emergency NEW product review! Over the past two weeks my inbox has been overflowing (minor exaggeration) with e-mails from people requesting I review these new Cadbury Biscuits.

The sneaky people at Cadbury didn't even seem it appropriate to announce these new biscuits to the trade, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw these Caramel & Crunchie biscuits gracing the shelves of my local Sainsbury's.

On an introductory offer of £1, these 130.0g packs contained eight biscuits in each (roughly 12.5p each a biscuit if you're wondering!!) and came in foil packets that looked none to dissimilar to the actual bars their concepts originated from. Aesthetically speaking I thought that both the wrappers looked awesome, but it was the Crunchie variant that looked the more interesting comparing the inner contents ... the Crunchie took the biscuit so to speak.

With the Crunchie variant catching the eye it was now down to the taste test - below are my thoughts on the two variants ...

Cadbury Caramel Biscuits:

Kcal 70 Fat 3.8g Fat(sats) 2.2g Carbs 6.2g

'Cadbury milk chocolate biscuits with a caramel centre'.

Out of the two these were the ones I was most looking forward to trying. Now although the outer milk chocolate wasn't the Dairy Milk recipe I was hoping for, it still established a very Cadbury like sweet, milky taste as soon as soon as the biscuit entered the mouth. The shortcake biscuit base melted with ease on the tongue and displayed a fine degree of butter and brown sugar flavours. As disappointing as it was to find that this wasn't standard Cadbury chocolate per se, it was very encouraging to see that Cadbury implemented their usual caramel, and it brought all the delicious sweet toffee flavour elements that you get with the standard bar. Importantly the salt kick of the caramel was still present, and nicely contrasted the sweetness of both the sugary chocolate and biscuit base, making for a incredibly moreish overall taste.

8.5 out of 10

Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits:

Kcal 80 Fat 4.1g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 7.4g

'Cadbury chocolate biscuits with Crunchie bits'

Despite the Cadbury Caramel being a long time favourite of mine I also have a great fondness of the Crunchie so I was expecting similarly good things here. As you may have ascertained from the above the chocolate was again disappointingly not Dairy Milk but on a positive side the thickness of the chocolate was much greater here. The chocolate once again established the same milk rooted sweet chocolatey taste which lead nicely into the crisp biscuit inside. The biscuit initially had a more savoury wheaty taste, though it was soon nicely built upon by some bursts of honey and syrup which came about as a result of the honeycomb pieces when crunched. Out of the two I felt that the Crunchie biscuits were the more satisfying in regards to hunger fulfilment, as the meatier chocolate layer made each biscuit last longer in the mouth.

8.7 out of 10

Overall I am not always so positive when it comes to Cadbury diversifying into other markets and neglecting their core chocolate range, but these biscuits were so tasty they made me forget such worries. I guess the real surprise here was the fact that the Crunchie variant has scored higher given that my preference lies with the Caramel when it comes to the actual original bars. Without meaning to moan on too much I was somewhat disappointed at the lack of Dairy Milk chocolate, but the secondary recipe utilised once again more than held it's own and it just so happens that in the variant where it was implemented more prominently was the one that scored higher. In regards to taste I can't really separate the two as they were both pretty delicious. If my hand was forced and I had to choose just the one option though I would go for the Crunchie Biscuits as they provide a more satisfying option and looked a bit more interesting visually. At full price they may perhaps be a little pricey for just eight biscuits, but all Cadbury fans should at least give them a try. My review of the Turkish flavour will be up as soon as I find them - what do you all think?