March 15th: Hotel Chocolat The Tipsy Scrambled Egg

Just in case you haven't seen my hundreds of tweets, posts or facebook messages in the last week or so I would briefly like to draw your attention to the ChocolateMission Easter 2010 competition (See HERE) - the prize being a Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Scrambled Egg.

To whet your appetite for the competition I today bring you my review of one of the other eggs in the Scrambled range, the Alcoholics Anonymous favourite 'Tipsy' variant.

This Tipsy package weighed in at 220.0g and constituted of one 'milk chocolate egg, decorated with dark and white chocolate swirls', which was served alongside a 'selection of boozy chocolates'. Packaging wise aside from being a pain in the backside to photograph (reflections grr!), it looked fantastic. The egg looked suitably creative with the three different tones of chocolate, whilst the ingot pieces were similarly awesome to look at.

Taking the egg in isolation first I was pleased to see a little change up from the 40% house recipe and thought the 50% milk chocolate suited the more mature theme of the product. Whilst the 50% milk chocolate wasn't noticeably stronger in it's cocoa flavours than the aforementioned 40%, it was definitely a touch less sweet which made it richer. This just so happened to be to the preference of my father who was more than eager to help me out with this particular review :D As you can imagine the decorative dark and white chocolate patterns had very little cut through in the taste and seemed more there for aesthetic purposes.

Of course to go alongside the egg we were also treated to a wide selection of ingot shaped boozy truffles, some of which are in the photo above. Like I have found with many of the Hotel Chocolat liqueur truffles before I found the taste of the alcohol overwhelming in a few of the flavours - most notably in the martini, gin and cognac ingots where I felt the chocolate was overpowered. According to my old man I was just being a bit of pansy, as he really enjoyed all of them. I guess on reflection the milder amaretto, caramel & whisky and rum ingots were more to my liking and whilst I might not choose them out of personal preference (over say a praline or something) I would have them again if offered.

Overall this was a nice way to kick off my look at Hotel Chocolat's Scrambled Egg range, but like many of their boozy chocolates that have gone before I at times felt that the chocolatier had been a little over generous with his 'splashes' of alcohol. Taking the egg in isolation there are no two ways about it - it was perhaps a little no frills but it was really high quality milk chocolate and the swirled patterns on the exterior certainly made it look impressive. Now speaking of the ingot truffles my own feelings were a bit mixed as I didn't like the chocolate taking a back seat in the taste with some of the flavours on offer (named and shamed above). What is probably more relevant for you boozy chocolate fans to bare in mind though is that my father who enjoys spirits more than I do (not hard admittedly!) thought a lot more of them so I guess on that basis these are worthy of a recommendation for like minded people. If you are gifting to an older consumer this Easter I would say this Tipsy variant is a good option.

8.5 out of 10

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