March 19th: Mikado White Chocolate

Kcal 11 Fat 0.5g Fat(sats) 0.3g Carbs 1.5g (per biscuit stick)

Back last April Kraft brought Mikado to the UK market, at which point I was literally inundated with requests to give them a ChocolateMission review. Although they were new to most UK residents, I had actually had Mikado many times before during my holidays to Europe when I was younger. Just as I had experienced back in the day I found the original Mikado to be 'Utterly delicious' (See HERE), and seemingly the majority of the UK population must have agreed with me given that we now have some new variants gracing our supermarket shelves. Although they were released just a few weeks ago, I have already tried these Mikado White Chocolate several times as my work colleagues have gone mad for them. Take a look at my review below to see how they stacked up on the scoring system.

As I stated above my workplace has been been consuming 70.0g packets of these faster than you can say Mikado. In terms of presentation this white chocolate variant stays very closely aligned to the original milk chocolate which is obviously no bad thing whatsoever. Personally I think the outer cardboard box is cleanly branded and communicates the white chocolate flavour well, whilst most importantly keeping the fragile stick pieces in good condition. Inside a nice set of sweet, dairy smells emanated once the bright silver foil packet was pierced revealing the very cool looking white coated biscuit sticks.

When I wasn't fighting my work colleagues off the several packets I brought in to the office, I eventually got around to trying a fair number of these for myself. Starting off with the biscuit constituents much like I expected the sticks held up their end of the bargain, providing a wheaty, buttery, brown sugar noted taste which was delivered with a satisfying fresh crunchiness with every bite. The white chocolate that coated them, melted at a similar pace to the milk chocolate of the originals, and was enjoyable to suck on before crunching down on the inner biscuit centres. It must be said that I generally find that great quality white chocolate is very rare to come across and I can tell you now that it wasn't the best quality used here. Whilst I can say it wasn't fantastic, on the other hand it wasn't awful at all, and luckily the combination of the biscuit and the chocolate made it taste an heck of a lot better than it would of done had it been eaten solus. In terms of flavours the white chocolate was very sugary, but at the same time it did have a friendly well rounded whole milk undertone which was present throughout the duration in the mouth. Just as I found with the original Mikado these were incredibly moreish but I found as I consumed them they became less and less pleasurable as the overall taste was incredibly sweet, thus they quickly got a little sickly.

Overall I know these have a strong following already so I am sure there are going to be a lot of you that will be less than happy with them scoring less than the original Mikado milk chocolate. To those people I apologise, but I have to call it as I see it, and for me personally I just didn't enjoy them as much as the originals. Whilst I could still appreciate the combination of the sweet, creamy chocolate and the enjoyable biscuit bases, the taste was just a touch sugary for me. This made them not so pleasant to eat on mass and often left me feeling quite unsatisfied in terms of fulfilling my hunger. Many of the people I ate these with said the white chocolate reminds them of Nestle's Milkybar which I would somewhat agree with. For me personally it didn't evoke as many nostalgic feelings as the aforementioned does, but it is probably a fair description given the dominance of the sugar in the taste, which makes it a reasonable comparator. This may read like a none to positive review but I will willingly concede that the synergy the chocolate has with the biscuit bases makes these a product that I have no qualms recommending to white chocolate fans, however myself I would pick the milk chocolate variant every time. Let me know your views on these white chocolates ones it would be great to hear your views. Has anyone spotted the dark chocolate version that is supposed to be coming out yet?

7.8 out of 10