March 1st: Kit Kat Sparkling Strawberry

Kcal 99 Fat 5.7g Carbs 11.3g (per 2 fingers)

The Japanese Kit Kat reviews have been coming thick and fast over the last few weeks and today I bring you the final flavour that was included in the last sampling package sent to me by those kind chaps at J-List. If you have made the assumption that this was the flavour that appealed to me least out of the recent batch sent because I left it until last to review, you probably aren't too far away from the reality. Truth be told this Sparkling Strawberry variant wouldn't have been a flavour I would have picked out to review myself, though it wasn't like I was going to be turning down a free Kit Kat and I was more than happy to give it a try along with a willing work colleague.

Just like all the Kit Kats that have featured on the site recently this flavour came in a 36.0g size that was split into two seperate double finger portions. Looking at the packaging the flavour was clearly communicated through the use of small mini air bubbles and strawberry pictures which decorated the outer box. Inside the inner foil packets had real stand out and the bright pink coloured foil glistened vibrantly and catching the eye. In addition to catching my attention with it's jazzy packaging, the smells that emanated from the packets also made me take notice as strong, sweet strawberry milkshake like scents wafted out as soon as the seals were broken.

Despite me not being completely taken in the by the aromas I must say they were highly indicative of the taste which is always a nice and reassuring thing. Indeed, much like the smells suggested the white chocolate coating was very sweet and substantiated a deeply sugar rooted milk based taste as soon as the chocolate entered the mouth. Unsurprisngly the strawberry element wasn't late in its arrival to the party and within a matter of seconds the sugary sweet taste had a strawberry fruit flavour edge that was surprisingly sharper than I first thought it would be. The strawberry fruit was a little a little artifical tasting for my liking, however it didn't hamper my enjoyment that much as I was expecting it to be just that anyway. It probably won't surprise you to hear that with the taste of the outer coating being so strong and dominating the wafers had very little say in the taste, though they at least retained their usual crispness. Sat in the middle of the wafers the creme seemed to have an added touch of strawberry sherbet which probably sounds a little more exciting than it actually was. The slight fizz it brought to the experience was pretty unspectacular and I have to say it didn't do all that much for me - at least it wasn't popping candy!

Overall on the balance of things I probably enjoyed this Kit Kat a little more than I thought I would. The two fingers I ate didn't go all that well with my afternoon coffee though the colleague I ate these with said the two fingers they had went nicely with their hot chocolate. Personally speaking the taste for me was a little on the sweet side, but I liked the fact that the strawberry fruit was a little sourer and juicier than I expected it to be beforehand. Being overly critical I would say the sugary taste of the outer coating was just a tad to harsh and it was slightly disappointing that it dominated the taste so much it left the inner wafer somewhat redundant. The person who I shared this with said that this wouldn't be a Kit Kat that they would replace their usual milk chocolate flavour with, but they did say that it would be a nice option to have for a change up every now and then. I myself don't think I would ever buy this variant myself but those who like strawberry flavoured chocolates will probably really enjoy this. For the time being I have run out of Japanese Kit Kats to review but fear not I have a few more chocolates from the Far East that are due up on the site very soon.

7.4 out of 10