March 20th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 36

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

The post today is a little rushed I am afraid as I heading off for a few days holiday.

For this reason I envisage I wont be able to answer any e-mails or posts until Thursday, but upon my arrival back into the country I will be sure to catch up with everything that has been sent my way. Despite me not being around there will be posts appearing on the site (wonders of technology eh!?), so you probably wont even notice my absence.

Sorry to keep things short this week, coming up in the next few days you will be seeing more Hotel Chocolat reviews, Cadbury Turkish Biscuits and some products sent my way all the way from Australia.

Have great weeks - catch up with you all soon.



I had thousands (yes thousands!!) of entries for this latest competition, thanks to all who entered!

Congratulations to the winner of the Hotel Chocolat Easter Scrambled Egg winner .....

....... Emily Hutchinson

I have sent your address to the guys at Hotel Chocolat who kindly sponsored this competition. Your prize is on the way.

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week:

* Foodstufffinds - Cin did an investigation looking at the change of recipe for Cadbury Mini Eggs - I added my own two cents on my own review in the form of an update - See HERE

* GiGiReviews - GiGi stuck it to the Girl Scouts with a review of their Dulce de Leche cookies - See HERE

* ImpulsiveBuy - I love peanut butter ... but I have never tried almond butter before! Sounds awesome - See HERE

* FoodetteReviews - This post by Jess gave me a real hankering for some pretzels. Why do we no get those big fresh ones here in the UK? See HERE

* Snackspot - People are seemingly already hunting down the new Magnum Gold - Magnum coated in Caramac white chocolate ... must have!! See HERE

** Updated Reviews **

Same old reviews but new pictures ...

Fry's Chocolate Cream - See HERE
Cadbury Double Decker - See HERE
Cadbury Chomp - See HERE
Cadbury Mini Eggs - See HERE
Daim Bar - See HERE