March 22nd: Cadbury Turkish Biscuits

Kcal 70 Fat 3.3g Fat(sats) 1.9g Carbs 10.2g (per biscuit)

For some reason unbeknown to myself and the rest of civilisation, for the first few weeks of their launch these Cadbury Turkish Biscuits could not be found for love nor money (distribution issues perhaps?). Just a few weeks later after tracking down the Caramel and Crunchie variants though, I did eventually stumble across a pack in my local Tesco at their full wack price. In my endeavour to get you all clued up as soon as possible, I shelled out just under £3 (£2.94 if we are being precise!) to buy myself two packs to take into my work office. On the front of the wrapper these were described as 'Cadbury milk chocolate biscuits with a turkish delight flavoured jam filling' - any one wanting to get themselves familiar with my thoughts on the original Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight bar will want to look HERE.

These Turkish biscuits came in the same 130.0g size pack as both the Caramel and Crunchie variants, and comprised of 8 separate pieces. Much like I thought of the aforementioned variants I similarly thought the packaging and presentation was pretty damn good. The pink colours of the original Turkish bar were nicely carried over and I thought they gave the wrapper good stand out - especially with the shiny nature of the foil material. The biscuits themselves at first glance looked no different to the Caramel variety, however the sweet fruity smell and red jam colouring that became apparent when they were bitten in to soon revealed they were a completely different prospect altogether.

If we first deal with the chocolate coating it will not surprise you to hear that it was nothing out of the ordinary and delivered the same old Cadbury experience that I am sure all of us in the UK have experienced countless times. It had a sharp sweetness to it's milky taste and provided a chocolate flavour hit that was more than acceptable. It is a shame that Cadbury decided not to treat consumers to the full effect creaminess of their Dairy Milk recipe but lets not get our knickers in a twist about that yet again :D The shortcake bases were no different to what I experienced with the Caramel variety - buttery with a burst of brown sugar, but lacking a touch of salt to classify as top quality shortbread. The most prominent aspect in the taste was of course the all important Turkish Delight flavoured jam, which I have to unfortunately announce wasn't as good as I hoped it to be. The jam substance was terribly sticky and the most dominating flavour influence it brought to the party was disappointingly one of raw sugar. The rosewater element was very much in the background of the experience and had very little say in the resulting taste. On reflection the jam filling wasn't horrible, but the Turkish experience wasn't completely delivered as well as it could of been. With the biscuits being so sweet I never felt comfortable consuming more than one in a single sitting, however this didn't seem to stop most my colleagues demolishing both packs in a single afternoon.

Overall whilst it is worth noting that there was nothing horrible about these biscuits whatsoever, I have to admit there was nothing about them that left me wanting to either buy or consume more. When put in the context of both Caramel and the Crunchie variants, they are both light years ahead of these Turkish Biscuits as the fillings just worked so much better the sweet milk chocolate and inner shortbread constituents. The jam filling in these Turkish biscuits was just a tad on the sugary side for my liking, and whilst it didn't bring that horrible burning sensation to the back of my throat, at times it was verging on it, and it was disappointing that the Turkish Delight rosewater flavours were lost in culmination of the chocolate, biscuit and jam constituents. Unless you are a real Cadbury nutjob I wouldn't recommend these as being worthy of pennies given that there are far more accomplished flavours out there on the market already. Cadbury hit the nail on the head with their Caramel and Crunchie variants but these were a little flawed in their execution. They aren't bad by any means but they certainly aren't a 'must try'.

7.3 out of 10