March 23rd: Oreo Cakesters Peanut Butter

Kcal 110 Fat 4.5g Fat(sats) 1.0g Carbs 15.0g (per 1 cake)

It is a matter of fact that ... I love Oreos, I love Peanut Butter and I love Oreo Cakesters (See HERE). Suffice to say when I first heard about this flavour of Cakesters I literally couldn't wait to try them, and despite reading some disappointing reviews from the likes of Marvo at the Impulsive Buy I was extremelly excited when a friend of mine managed to bring some back from a recent trip to the US. Reading the on-pack description of chocolate cake and peanut butter filling I was sure these Oreo Cakesters Peanut Butter were going to be a match made in heaven!? Seriously what could be better than combining two of my favourite junk food ingredients in one single product ... read on and find out!

My friend gave me two packs of 75.0g Cakesters which both included three individual Cakesters inside. Just as I have thought with the other Oreo Cakesters packaging I thought the presentation was very good and I liked the combination of the foil fresh wrapper and inner cardboard tray which kept everything in very good condition. If you look at the picture above I hope you will agree that the Cakesters themselves looked very appetising and I especially thought the orangey creme filling looked particularly tempting sandwiched between the cake pieces.

Having finished admiring the appearance of the Cakesters one thing I did pick up on was the lack of a differentiated smell for these Peanut Butter Cakesters vs the Original ones I reviewed almost a year back. The sweet cookie like smell that emanated was by no means horrible but at the same time I was wary at the lacking nut influence. Unfortunately these early signs were much indicative of the actual taste and my greatest fears were soon realised upon biting into the first Cakester. Indeed just the smell suggested these Cakesters retained some very familiar Oreo like flavours in the taste of the outer cake pieces but disappointingly the centre filling was almost completely devoid of a peanut influence. There were minor notes of nut buried below the dominant sugar flavours, however the overall taste was more like a peanut fondant rather than a peanut butter filling ... sigh ... what a shame - these sucked!

Overall I can't recall having been as disappointed with a product in long than I was with these Oreo Cakesters Peanut Butter. If you have read the paragraph above it doesn't take a genius to work out what my fundamental problem with the product was and 100% of the blame lies with the idiot who decided to make the peanut butter filling so ridiculously weak in it's peanut flavours. Annoyingly the packaging doesn't actually state what percentage of the product is made up by actual peanuts but I would hazard guess at it being substantially low. With the products such as this I always think that the taste has so outweigh the sin (these are pretty high calorie/fat wise!), and these Oreo Cakesters Peanut Butter just don't do that in any manner. As much as I would have loved to I just can't recommend these on any basis. Someone send me the address of the guy who screwed these up ... he deserves to hear how much these blow :)

5.8 out of 10