March 26th: Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crunchie Bits

Kcal 500 Fat 24.6g Fat(sats) 15.3g Carbs 64.0g (per 100.0g)

Well its taken me long enough to get around to this one hasn't it!? Despite trying bars from as far away as New Zealand and Japan this Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crunchie Bits has managed to escape my attention for over two years and has dodged the bullet many a time when it has come to receiving its all important ChocolateMission review. To be honest I really don't know why it hasn't been done before today - the Cadbury Crunchie is one of my favourite bars of all time and I remember as a kid I used to eat a very similar version of this bar all the time (who can name that bar?? Cadbury Blast was it!?). Anyway, this bar could elude me no more and I today got around to finally rating this bar on the ChocolateMission rating system.

In the UK this bar is only available in its 230.0g format ... no don't worry this isn't going to be one of those reviews where I start ranting about how we have been cheated out of 20.0g of chocolate :) What with all the different bars I have to review this was again another product I brought into my work office, though I managed to tuck into my fair share during its short lived life once it was opened. Do I have to comment on Cadbury packaging again!? Probably not but I will ... I personally love it. The matted appearance gave it a nice shiny, premium look whilst also maintaining the chocolate below in fine condition. Cadbury packaging is designed to be anything over elaborate but you have to love it for the strength of its branding which is reassuring of quality but over the top or in your face. The chocolate itself also looked pretty stunning with the blocks a sensible size to be consumed in one mouthful each. I needn't probably tell you how great the chocolate smelt as I opened the packaging - it was stunning with its usual chocolaty scents mixed with just the slightest bit of extra sweetness emanating from the golden honeycomb pieces that glistened in each block.

The Cadbury Crunchie was one of the first ever products I reviewed on this site and it is still one of my favourite products that I have every now and then on days when I am not reviewing anything else. Personally I think the one minor flaw with the original Crunchie is the thickness of the outer chocolate - I think it could be just a touch thicker. With this product the roles were obviously reversed with the chocolate far outweighing the inner honeycomb pieces (16.0%) and I have to say it was still every bit as good as the original bar. The Cadbury Dairy Milk was its usual wonderful self - thick and smooth in melt and with a level of creamy, cocoa flavours to die for ... utterly fantastic. What I liked so much about this chocolate was that the eating experience involved two stages. The first - letting the chocolate melt away on the tongue which led nicely on to stage two - the remainder honeycomb pieces. Crunching and chewing the honeycomb made for a nice change up in textures and brought lovely sweet, caramel like honey bursts to the taste that was in a word delicious. Like most Cadbury Dairy Milk products just a few blocks made for a wonderfully satisfying treat that I savoured from the very first piece to the very last.

Overall this is yet another Cadbury product that gets two thumbs up from me, though I am still undecided as to whether I would prefer it to a normal Crunchie. On reflection I guess the comparison is a little silly ... you would have the Cadbury Crunchie if you were 'on the go', whilst you would probably choose this bar in the instance of a sharing occasion or in home consumption. Is it as good as the Cadbury Dairy Milk Honeycomb Crisp from Ireland!? There is such little between them they are probably just as good as each other, though I would probably choose the Irish bar as the thicker melting chocolate made the flavours last just that little bit longer in the mouth and the honeycomb was just a little bit softer. Whatever lets stopping comparing this chocolate to other things as by its own merits its a great tasting bar that I immensely enjoyed - yet another tick in the box for Cadbury.

8.7 out of 10