March 29th: Hotel Chocolat White Scrambled Easter Egg

With our Easter holidays well in sight now, it is about time you guys got around to thinking about what you will be treating your nearest and dearest to this year. As you will have hopefully seen over the last few weeks I have already touched upon Hotel Chocolat's Eggs and Soldiers, Less Sweet Selection and their Tipsy Scrambled Easter Egg. Today I bring you another review from their Scrambled range in the form of this 'White' variant.

Just like the 'Tipsy' variant this 'White' offering can in a 220.0g package that included one 'white chocolate egg, served with a collection of praline chocolates'. In terms of presentation I personally think this product was aimed a younger, feminine consumer judging by the electric pink colours that lit up the cream coloured background and inner egg. I had no real problems with that myself and I thought the pink and orange swirl patterns incorporated on both the egg and truffle pieces added a well needed bit of interest to the predominantly white coloured chocolate and outer packaging.

According to the website this White Scrambled Egg is for 'fans of laid back dreamy textures with exciting flavours' ... lets take a look to see if I fell in that category :D

Anyone who has been reading this site for a decent amount of time will be aware that I would probably never choose white chocolate over a milk or dark one. That is not to say that I can't appreciate a good white chocolate when I taste one, in fact Hotel Chocolat' Praline White slab takes pride of place in third position on the leader board. With that in mind it wont surprise you to hear that this white chocolate egg was delicious. It was noticeably more sugary than their milk and dark chocoalte recipes, however it had a wonderful cream based, heavily vanilla noted taste that melted softly into a double cream like consistency in the mouth. It was sweet, but very enjoyable, and best eaten in smaller quantities than you would their dark or milk chocolates.

What I love about these Scrambled Eggs is that you get the small collection of truffles to go alongside the plain chocolate egg which I think brings a nice bit of variety. This White Scrambled Egg included six truffles - two chocolate brownie, two smooth praline and two orange praline. As you can see from the photo above all of them were formed of an outer thick layer of white chocolate with milk chocolate and praline centres. If I was to rate them on my famous Awful-to-Superb rating system I would go for Very Good for the smooth praline and Good for the chocolate brownie and orange praline pieces. My reasoning for this would be that the hazelnut flavours had far more cut through in the smooth praline than they did in the orange praline where I felt both the fruit and nut elements suffered to overcome the sweetness of the white chocolate exterior.

Overall given my preference for dark or milk chocolate this White Egg has managed to still score pretty well on the ChocolateMission rating system. If you can rely on one thing with Hotel Chocolat it is that you know they are always going to deliver a high quality packaged and presented product, and things were no different here. Everything from the cardboard box, egg and truffles cut both a suave and colourful look, which when you think about it isn't the easiest thing to achieve. In terms of white chocolate the standard was very good, and this was by and large due to the taste being more notable for it's creamy vanilla flavours than it's sweetness. The truffles weren't the greatest I have ever tasted from Hotel Chocolat, but they were still of a reasonably high quality and it is probably more that I have spoilt by too many incredible Hotel Chocolat truffles previously. If you know a white chocolate addict you would seriously do well looking at this an option for their Easter gift this year.

8.1 out of 10

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