April 11th: Boyer Smoothie Peanut Buttercups

Kcal 250 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 26.0g

When I think peanut butter cups of course the first thing that springs in to mind is Hershey's, Reese's brand. I think I can safely say that for the majority of people this would be mostly consistent, though one other brand hailing from Pennsylvania may have a little something to say about that. According to their website, Boyer were the first American company to produce a 'cup candy' in the form of their 'Mallo Cups' (review by Cybele at Candyblog HERE). As the company grew Boyer added further products to their portfolio, including these Smoothie Peanut Buttercups that I have reviewed today. On pack these came described as 'butterscotch flavoured candy cups filled with peanut butter and chopped nuts' - take a look below and see how they measured up to Reese's.

For the purpose of this review I ate a pack of two individual cups which netted out at a weight of 45.3g. The packaging was retro looking in design which I think gave the product a bit of personality whilst communicating the heritage of the brand well (Boyer was established way back in 1936!!) Inside the cups looked no different in size or shape to what you get from Reese's, and the cups were kept in great condition thanks to a combination of the paper cup sleeves and inner cardboard layer. Aroma wise the smells that emanated from the packet were just as strong as Reese's, however they were a little less nut potent and there was a slightly odd artificial sweetness lingering in the background which dampened my excitement somewhat.

Not being put off at all by the smell I wasted little time in getting acquainted with the taste. I have to say that my overall enjoyment of the product improved drastically over time but admittedly the outer 'butterscotch candy' did take a little getting used to. If you have read any of my reviews before you will know that I don't think too much of Reese's milk chocolate so I prior to eating this I really hopeful that this butterscotch layer could do things a little better. A look at the ingredients would have suggested not with the words hydrogenated and oil featuring heavily. Given that I have glossed over that issue many a time before I wont hold that against Boyer here, and I will focus more on taste which I personally think got better the more I ate. Initially the sense of artificial sweetness that I got from the aroma shone through in the taste, however after the first few bites I could sense underlying fudge and maple syrup like hints amongst all the sugar. The melt of the candy was a little on the sluggish side of things and was similar to Reese's in it's waxiness, but I did enjoy the extra crunch that was delivered by the chopped nuts which did at least bring some nice variation. In terms of the quality of the peanut butter it wasn't quite on a par with Reese's as the salt lick didn't cut through quite as cleanly, though it was still relatively tasty none the less and left lasting notes of butter and nuts in the mouth for a good duration after each mouthful.

Overall I did feel that these Boyer Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups failed to live up to Reese's own, but it wasn't as if they were epically bad in any way shape or form. One thing that you do get from Boyer when you eat these is a nice sense to retroness and I did like the way that the packaging and presentation managed to get across the brand heritage. The peanut butter within the cups didn't match up in terms of flavours, though they still managed to establish a really nuttiness and long lasting taste thanks to additional chopped nuts that were also present in the outer coating. Speaking of the outer coating it is something that really bugs me!? Why can no US manufacture bite the bullet and make a peanut butter cup with a really high quality chocolate!? Similarly to the milk chocolate of Reese's the butterscotch candy coating was lazy and waxy in melt and it took quite a bit of work for the underlying flavours to shine through all the sugar. Being a UK resident I doubt I will have these again the near future, but if Boyer products are a little more readily available to you then I would suggest you try them at least once in place of your usual Reese's.

7.0 out of 10