April 13th: Paynes Poppets Choc Chip Cookie

Kcal 130 Fat 5.6g Fat(sats) 2.9g Carbs 19.7g

It has been over two years since I last reviewed a Paynes Poppets product and if you look back at the some of the scores I gave some of the flavours then it is debatable whether that is such a bad thing. Truth be told Paynes Poppets have never been a favourite of mine though I must say I was rather intrigued by this new Choc Chip Cookie flavour when I read Cin's review over at Foodstufffinds last year. Having finally tracked down a pack for myself I was actually relatively looking forward to the prospect of 'chocolate chip cookie pieces covered in milk chocolate'

These Choc Chip Cookie flavour Poppets came in a 28.0g pack that held several round ball pieces that were about twice the size as your average chocolate covered raisin/peanut. One thing I definitely have to comment on positively about these is the fact that Paynes have really upped their game in regards to their packaging and I liked the new Poppets logo and realistic visualisation on the front of the pack. Conversely one thing that hasn't changed about Poppets in the last two years is the fact that they still don't offer much in the way of an aroma though I did find the inner look of the cookie centres quite appetising when I went to the effort of cross-sectioning one.

Frankly given my previous experiences with Poppets I really wasn't expecting much and having now tasted these that was probably a good thing. Much like I have experienced in the past the outer milk chocolate was pretty non-descript in terms of flavours and only offered quite a mild sugary taste that lingered as the waxy melt developed. The chocolate wasn't horrible in any manner but neither was it particularly taste or left me wanting more. Of course what was at real interest here were the inner cookie centres and just like the milk chocolate they were similarly bland and flavourless. In their defence they did have the crunchy texture of cookies but unfortunately they didn't bring anything of note to the taste apart from the odd hint of wheat and brown sugar. In regards to nutrition and fulfilment it is worth noting that these were pretty light on the calorie side of things though it wasn't as if they provided much satisfaction for their 130 calories.

Overall this was pretty much a story of same-old, same-old with Paynes Poppets here. Much like I found with several of the other variants from the range these Choc Chip Cookie Poppets lacked flavour and were frankly pretty bland and limp when it came to the taste. Reflecting on this now I guess this it is all the more disappointing considering that the centres both looked and felt like cookies, but just didn't bring any sort of cookie flavours to the party. I was expecting these to taste like chocolate covered Maryland Cookies but the cookie element was just AWOL which sorta begs the question 'were these really worth eating in the first place?'. I will leave you to ponder that question but if I were to suggest a suitable replacement I would suggest some of the flavours from the Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Bites range as a great alternative. Having said that given that these are as cheap as chips it won't be like you will lose too much sleep if you buy a pack and decide you don't like them.

5.6 out of 10