April 15th: Ritter Sport Cashew Milk Chocolate

Kcal 550 Fat 34.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

Today we complete the full circle of Ritter Sport 2010 Spring limited editions with this review of the Cashew Milk Chocolate offering. Over the past few weeks you may recall that both the Bourbon Vanilla and Hazelnut Krokant bars failed to leave up to the usual impeccable Ritter Sport standards, however I was hoping for much more from this Cashew Milk Chocolate variety. On pack this offering came described as 'Alpine milk chocolate with chopped cashew nuts', which struck me as yet another no frills, but appetising proposition from our friends in Deutschland.

Who wants to have a guess at what size this bar came in!? DING DING we have a winner ... indeed it was yet another 100.0g square block that was divided into the usual 16 chunks. Take a look at the packaging shot above and you will see that this variant incorporated the same cool looking spring themed wrapper as the other vanilla and hazelnut variants, though the cashew flavouring was also well communicated with the subtle nut pictures. Unsealing the plastic wrapper a pleasant array of nutty, chocolatey scents emerged ... all was good up until this point at least.

Who wants me to talk about Ritter Sport milk chocolate again :D Haha I thought not. Suffice to say the taste was pretty much the same as normal, though I did sense a slight change in the pace of the melt and overall texture. Flavour wise it was possibly a touch creamier than other Ritter Sport milk chocolate bars, but this may have just been a consequence of the softer, smoother texture which obviously came about due to the oil being released from the nuts. Whilst the chocolate was faster paced in melt, the nuts were fresh to the bite and despite yielding more easily than your normal hazelnut etc, they still maintained a satisfying crunch. I am glad to say that after the disappointment of the last Bourbon Vanilla and Hazelnut Krokant chocolates, the inner cashew nuts proved to be a far better additive to the chocolate, and they brought a delicious buttery, savoury nut dimension to the chocolate. Due to the melt being a touch on the faster side this wasn't the most satisfying or fulfilling Ritter Sport chocolate ever but I thought that a quadrant of blocks was a decent amount serving size to accompany an after dinner coffee.

Overall I actually didn't do this on purpose this time, but it seems like I saved the best until last in regards to the flavours on offer from the Ritter Sport Spring 2010 collection. It wont surprise you to read that where this bar excelled was in the enhancing additive flavour, the chocolate was as usual of a sound quality but it was the cashew nuts that made this bar what it was. The extra dimension the cashews brought to the softer texture was only outshone but the tasty nutty flavours they brought to the taste. I am not quite sure I would say the cashews proved to be preferable versus the Ritter whole hazelnut bars (of which I rate extremelly highly - See HERE), but this bar does back up my view that cashews are criminally under utilised by chocolate manufacturers, and that more should try using them in the future. If I was to suggest you try one flavour from the Spring 2010 range from Ritter this year it would have to be this Cashew Milk Chocolate flavour.

8.0 out of 10