April 16th: Wonka Exceptionals Domed Dark Chocolate

Kcal 200 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 40.0g)

Just as I promised I will be feeding you guys one Wonka review a week for the foreseeable future, and today I bring you my views on this Domed Dark Chocolate bar. Before I launch in to the review I have to once again thank my pals over at Yankee Soda & Candy for providing me with the sample for todays review - if you want to try these Wonka Exceptional bars for yourself be sure to check out their site (See HERE). Moving swiftly onwards this Domed Dark Chocolate flavour promised 'dark chocolate with milk chocolate medallions'. Before anyone asks - NO there wasn't a gold ticket in my wrapper :(

Just like the previously reviewed Waterfall variety, this Domed Dark Chocolate bar came in a very precise 99.2g size, which was split into twelve blocks. Aesthetically speaking the wrapper was similar in style and had real stand out with it's crazy silver, purple and gold foil colour scheme. From a marketing point of the view the branding isn't that well implemented and it is a bit cluttered, but I don't think it can be argued that it doesn't look cool. Inside the chocolate wasn't quite as mad looking as the Waterfall variety, though the chocolate had a very smooth and fresh looking appearance, and there were no branding problems here as the Wonka 'W' logo was nicely scribed on each medallion.

At this point I feel the need to tell you that I ended up sharing the majority of this bar as most of it was consumed whilst I was visiting my family for Easter holidays, so this review is written with several different point of views in mind. The thing that we all agreed on was that it didn't really smell like dark chocolate. The smells that emanated from the wrapper were sweet and sugary and I guess in a way this did see nicely set expectations for the taste. As you will see from the photo above the dark chocolate was the key constituent of each block, as it formed the base of each piece. Starting with the dark chocolate I personally found it very under strength in terms of flavour, and thought the melt was more laboured and slow in comparison to the Waterfall bar. It wasn't as if the mild, unsweetened chocolatey taste was bad, but it wasn't like it contributed much to the taste, and by the time the sweet and sugary milk chocolate medallion came to figure in the experience, it's presence was became very much pointless for me. On the contrary, the members of my family who aren't dark chocolate fans, much preferred the mildness of the dark chocolate, as it allowed the more flavoursome milk chocolate to have the grander say in taste. The shallow depth of flavour from the bar's main constituents meant that I didn't find the chocolate all that satisfying - especially when I compare it to some of the other dark chocolates I have had in the past.

Overall I certainly wasn't the first, and I don't envisage it being the last mass produced dark chocolate bar that I find not all that great. The crux of the matter was this chocolate wasn't awful in any sense, but I felt it was inhibited by the fact that the dark chocolate was made for the mass consumer, and thus was woefully under strength and lacking power in it's cocoa volume. I guess if we look at it from the perspective of the members of my family who aren't the biggest dark chocolate fans, this bar was received quite well, though for them it was more about their enjoyment of the milk chocolate, with the dark chocolate not being strong enough to engage or distract them in the taste. Unfortunately I won't be recommending this bar, as in my opinion there far better dark chocolate products at this price point. It isn't uncommon for me to write reviews about mass produced dark chocolates being under strength for my taste. I do like my sweet chocolates, but I think if you are going for a dark chocolate it is worth going for a really high quality one.

6.7 out of 10